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4 Online Marketing Tips You Should Know

by MM

Marketing can be a minefield these days, especially with a vast array of social media platforms to navigate. Knowing which platform to invest your time and effort in will certainly help to ensure success from your marketing campaign. Blogging is an ever changing sector, with rules, algorithms and more being updated constantly. With many factors to consider, keeping ahead of the game and researching the best options of targeting your preferred audience is time well spent.

Whilst it is advisable to stay ahead of marketing trends and platforms, these will always build on the basics that will come naturally over time.

Let’s have a look at some easy to implement online marketing tips you should know before embarking on a campaign:

Engage with your audience

Gain visibility and followers by engaging in conversations and re-tweeting on Twitter. The Twitter platform is a great way to get content into the online world immediately. With the ability of writing longer tweets alongside adding images and gif’s, you can make your content more visibly appealing. Add links directed to your site to aid the conversion of traffic to your site. Return likes/ tweets and retweets you receive on platforms, especially Instagram. Encourage and engage with comments – by asking a question within your post, you are openly asking for followers to respond with their opinion(s). By utilising hashtags, you can reach a wider audience and increased engagement – just becareful not to overuse hashtags!

online marketing tips you should know

Don’t post and run

A great tip I picked up many years ago from a blogging conference – don’t post your content (whether written or image based) and then run. Your content will start gaining traction and engagement as soon as it is posted and dedicating time to promoting this help maximise promotion potential.

Keep it short and sweet

Facebook pages are great for announcing longer segments of information, with Instagram and Twitter offering instantaneous visibility for bite-sized posts. With images, colour and clarity are key – keep it vibrant, make it easy for followers to gauge what they are actually seeing. Life is all about convenience these days, make your message instantly clear and don’t forget to add in an option for finding out more information with links in the actual post or in your page bio.


Feel that you still do not have the time? Hiring a SEO agency to oversee your personalised online marketing campaigns will certainly alleviate pressure and enable you to focus on other aspects of your campaign. Getting a head start with an expert knowledge base will help to make your campaign a success from the offset. Knowing what you want from your marketing campaign will enable the agency to target the correct audience, helping to increase followers, engagement and traffic – in turn, leading to conversions.

I hope these marketing tips have helped somewhat!

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