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4 Quick And Easy Ways To Fix Your Home

by MM
4 Quick And Easy Ways To Fix Your Home

Jumping into the Summer season, with rooms now appearing brighter, you may well be looking at ways to fix your home, but do not know where to begin.

Decorating and making fixes can be time consuming and costly, but there are ways how you can spruce up your home on a budget and still have time to put your feet up!

Let’s have a look at some easy fixes you can make in your home, that will not make a dent in your spare time!

Taming the squeaks

Squeaky doors or handles can be an annoying problem, but one you forget about until the next time you open a door. However, the problem is easily solved with a spray or two of WD40, a fabulous lubricant spray that every household should have! If you do not have any, then rubbing Vaseline jelly on hinges will work just as well. Make sure you have a paper towel/rag to mop up any residue.

How to fix a squeaky door lock with easy fixes for your home

Raid your kitchen cupboards

Baking powder really does have more uses than you would expect! If you notice stains around your bath, simply combine the same amount of baking powder and cream of tartar together, with some lemon juice – enough to make a paste. Rub the mixture onto the stained area, leave for 30 minutes or more and then rinse the mixture off with water. If you are wanting a sparkling toilet, baking powder will act as a fantastic cleaner – simply pour a decent amount your toilet overnight, flush in the morning and then prepare to be amazed!

Utilise the sun

Not only great for drying clothes, the hotter weather can also help revive cushions that have been flattened down over time. Simply place your cushions in the sun for a few hours, turning over for equal time on each side. Moisture caught in your cushions will evaporate and you will be left with plumpier cushions and pillows!

Draw on the walls

Not really, however there are easy ways to refresh tiled areas in your home! The fantastic infographic below from RainbowChalk showcases how you can refresh tiles in your home easily, with the use of a sealant or grout pen. A job that may seem like an arduous task can be made so much easier! Bring life back into tired tiles with the simple swish of a pen, that takes no time at all.

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