6 Best Staycation Ideas for Families

6 Best Staycation Ideas for Families

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The coronavirus and tight budgets are keeping many people at home at a time when most would rather be vacationing somewhere far away. However, there are ways to relax and unwind that don’t include traveling to Disneyworld or Europe. Plus, they can be just as fun — if not more so — than your typical vacation.

Plan a staycation and incorporate a few of these funstaycation ideas that your whole family will love.

Best Staycation Ideas for Families

6 Best Staycation Ideas for Families

1. Camp at Home

Who says you have to drive miles away to go camping? Pitch a tent right in your backyard and spend an evening under the stars just a few feet from home. Gather some wood and build a roaring campfire in your firepit. Roast some marshmallows, tell ghost stories and fall asleep to the chirps of crickets and cicadas. Of course, if you prefer your own bed, all you have to do is simply walk inside.

2. Have a Picnic

You don’t have to fly across the world to enjoy Italy or Spain. Turn your staycation into a European dream by packing a picnic and heading to the park for an afternoon. Prepare traditional dishes that remind you of your dream destination and enjoy your finger foods with some relaxing classical music in the background. With a little luck, you might even forget you’re stuck at home.

3. Tour Your City

When was the last time you took a trip to your city’s museum or marveled at the big bridge over the river downtown? Play tourist for a day and visit a few attractions. Think of places you might take a friend if they were visiting from out of town and make an itinerary of all the spots you want to hit up. You might even spread out your staycation and visit a few locations each day.

4. Have an Outdoor Movie Night

Sometimes, the best staycations are simple movie nights. Take yours outside with an inflatable screen and film projector. Stock up on some indulgent snacks and classic theater candies, pop a few bags of popcorn and make some slushies. Then, snuggle up on some camping pillows and blankets for a relaxing night of movie viewing.

5. Lawn Game Tournament

Help your kids release some of that pent-up energy by hosting a lawn game tournament. Set up a few classic outdoor games like cornhole, giant Jenga, Twister and horseshoes. Serve up carnival food like mozzarella sticks and corndogs and face off against your family members for a full day of fun.

Arrange a spa day at home

6. Spa Day

A trip to the local spa can be expensive and a bit unnecessary — especially when you can make your own face masks and put cucumbers on your eyes at home. Grab some mani-pedi supplies, foot scrubs and soothing hand creams and spend the whole day pampering yourselves. You deserve it!

Vacation State of Mind

Your staycation should be just as relaxing as an actual vacation, so shut your laptop, turn off your phone and relax. Shirk all responsibilities for a day and adopt that vacation state of mind. Work can wait until tomorrow.

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