7 Keys To A Successful Marriage

A successful marriage is built on trust, respect and communication. Here are a few more elements to help your relationship.

From “love at first sight” to the perfect wedding day in one of the magical function venues, there are numerous things that make for a successful marriage. Here are some essential elements to help you ensure that yours is a happy matrimony.

Love and Commitment

These two go hand in hand and its very core, love is essentially the decision to commit to another. It’s so much more than just a passing emotion like they show in the films and write in the romance novels. Sure, feelings come and go but a true to heart decision to commit will last forever and it is that that is the definition of true love. When things go well, commitment is a walk in the park but it is true love that remains consistent through life’s inevitable trials.


Being faithful in a marriage in more than just the physical. It includes our mind, heart, eyes and soul and that means our entire devotion to our spouse. You might have the most perfect wedding day at stunning Adelaide function venues with the finest of dining and best of guests, but after that your marriage should be built on trust and faithfulness.


Sure, we all have weaknesses and relationships tend to show these faults pretty quickly. So one of the essential building blocks of a successful marriage is being able to admit that you’re not perfect, that we all make mistakes and that sometimes we do need forgiveness. By letting off an air of superiority over your spouse, you’re only going to create resentment and that’s going to hold the relationship back to a large degree. If you tend to struggle with humility, try this: write down three things that you think your spouse does better than you do. That will help you to stay humble, especially if you repeat the exercise when needed.

Patience and Forgiveness

These two important elements are always going to be essential in any marriage. A successful partnership will see both spouses learning to show unwavering patience and forgiveness. It does not good to bring up past errors or seek to make amends or even seek revenge when mistakes happen. If you seem to be holding onto some sort of past hurt from your partner, try to forgive and enjoy setting your heart free.


Relationships require a good deal of time investment. They simply cannot work without it. We’re talking, of course, about quality time. Your marriage and relationship with your significant other should be the deepest and most intimate relationship you have so you’re going to need to put more time into it than into anything else. Try to set aside time for your other half every single day. Even a date night now and then is a great idea!


Just as you communicated when choosing your ideal Adelaide function venues for your big day, so you should continue to communicate as much as possible throughout your marriage. Not just discussions about the kid’s schedules or the bills or what groceries are needed from the shops. But communications about hopes and dreams; anxieties and fears.  Discuss changes going on in your heart and soul and be honest and forthright. After all, communication is the key to patience, trust and commitment.


This one if just as important for a successful marriage. So many marriages tend to break up over selfishness. Selfishness can consist of various elements from lack of commitment to finance problems, incompatibility and even infidelity. But the root cause is that a selfish person tends to be committed only to him or herself. These types of people tend to show very little patience and struggle to become a successful partner. But if you give your life, share your dreams and strive for your hopes with your spouse, you will enjoy a successful marriage.

It’s important to value your relationship and ensure that you treat your partner with care and respect.

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