Amazing Things Made From Chocolate

Chocolate is a wonderful thing in itself, but there are talented and dedicated people out there who take the delicious, sweet treat beyond its usual bar form. Chocolatiers from around the world have turned chocolate into an absolute art form for us all to enjoy. We’re talking 3D sculptures that wow… the Parthenon, catwalk-worthy dresses, chess boards, record-breaking Easter eggs and more. We’re going to share four of our favourites with you, so you can see why it’s so impressive.

The Chocolate Room
Does it get any better than an entire room made of chocolate, from the ceiling to the floor? No, no it does not. This 183 square foot chocolate room was created for a shopping centre in Lithuania by seven artists, who used 277kg of chocolate to create their masterpiece. We especially love the detail of the furniture and that food spread looks pretty darn delicious. The chocolate flowers to the left would make for a fantastic Valentine’s present – after all, it was on display for Valentine’s Day in 2011.

A Formula One Ferrari
Creative minds combined their efforts to create a life-sized chocolate model of a Formula One Ferrari – and it certainly wasn’t a walk in the park. Confectioners spent more than a year making the delicious vehicle out of 4,405lbs of yummy, scrummy Belgian chocolate. We imagine plenty of tasting sessions happened throughout the process, which almost certainly slowed things down. Worth £12,000, it’s considerably cheaper than the famous F2008 model that it’s based on. For us, it’s all about that edible red chocolate coating – the perfect finishing touch, no?

Nike Trainers
These detailed edible trainers were created for the 25th anniversary of Nike’s Air Force 1 design. The soles are wonderfully accurate, as are the stitch lines. What we can’t get our heads around are the laces and velcro sections – how on earth did they get those so right? These sweet shoes may not be the most impressive chocolate creation in terms of grandeur and scale, but we still think they’re a masterpiece. Get us a pair, stat.

Chocolate Roulette

Roulette Wheel
Another fun project with an edge that was crafted entirely from chocolate is a roulette wheel for Ladbrokes. Made by the Brighty family at Artistry in Cocoa, the design was created using over 18,000 large chocolate buttons and 438 individually moulded pieces to make up the wheel. It took 69 man hours to complete, and that’s not including the designing, mould-making or extensive amount of mathematics involved. Isn’t it impressive?

Chocolate sculptures are becoming increasingly popular. Though we’re not suggesting you dive in head-first with a racing car, it is something you can try at home – there are loads of easy guides you can follow. Simply melt some chocolate down and use moulds to create interesting shapes. It really is as easy as that!

What chocolate sculpture do you dream of making?

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