Are You Aware Of The Recent Changes To Driving Laws?

If I was to take my driving test again now, would I pass first time again? I’m not so sure these days, so much has changed since I last opened a copy of the Highway Code! Always being fully aware of my surroundings and being over vigilant, that isn’t the problem… knowing what certain bus lane markings and different signs mean is though! šŸ™

Understandably, with more cars and cyclists on the roads than when I took my test, rules need to be adapted to keep up with traffic… despite roadworks that cause intense traffic jams on motorways, the maintained speed limits are there for a reason… to keep everyone safe!

Keeping up to speed on theĀ rules of theĀ road (no pun intended!) including the latest changes to driving laws is important to any driver. If you are not up-to-date, you could potentially land yourself in some serious trouble.

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Kwik Fit have very thoughtfully created a new e-Book to help drivers be more aware of changes that could affect them. Topics covered include the most recent changes to MOT tests, the Highway Code, learning to drive and the costs associated with motoring – helping to keep drivers safe and on the right side of the law.

Let’s have a look at some of the changes to driving laws…

Did you know as of May 2018, MOT categories changed to make the actual test more stringent in order to keep roads safer. It is a legal requirement that all cars aged 3 years and over need to have the annual test carried out by an approved MOT testing centre. If your car does fail the MOT test, ensure any repairs are fixed immediately! If you are caught driving a vehicle with a serious fault, you could well be fined Ā£2,500, receive 3 points on your driving license or even be banned from driving.

Learner drivers now have the option of including motorway driving in their lessons if the instructor is happy with their ability. This particular law came into fruition as of June 2018 and although not actually part of the test, spending some time learning to drive on a motorway would help with confidence.

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It’s also wise for new learner driver’s to familiarise themselves with Sat Nav’s, since 4 out of 5 tests will utilise one!

These changes are just a small selection of changes made to driving laws recently, with more rules brought into place to keep cyclists safer on the roads too. It’s well worth checking out the handy e-book, you may be surprised by some of the changes!

Do you think you would pass your test if you had to retake it right now?

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