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Are You Still Looking For Christmas Gift Inspiration

by MM
Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas is now literally 25 sleeps away, this fact has horrified me as I feel Christmas has come from nowhere and feel totally under prepared! You would never have thought that considering I have been featuring Christmas Gift Guide posts for the last few weeks… time does literally seem to be flying!

If you are still struggling for inspiration at this point, do not worry! There is still plenty of time to stock up on gifts before Christmas, with online shopping being a real godsend for most! You may well have missed out on the Black Friday sales, however there are still some fantastic promotions out there to help you save money as well as purchase amazing gifts.

I am currently at the point of writing my own Christmas wish list of items I would like to open on Christmas Day. I’m sure it isn’t just myself who likes ‘To You, From You’ presents – almost like a Secret Santa but not considering you know what the gift is, however you always receive what you actually want! I have just treated myself to a Breville Toastie Maker, possibly my best ever gift to myself, however I will be treating myself again…

Christmas Gift Ideas

For most of the year I have had my eye on a Light Up Message board such as the one featured on the HMV website- I am not entirely sure where I would put one as yet but I love the idea of writing dudey little messages to keep us motivated! They are ridiculously popular at the moment and pictures of lightboxes are forever popping on social media, so it is about time I got in on some of this action!

One item that I really do need to remember to organise is a new school bag for Mini Me. She appears to be bring many more books home from school and much heavier ones at that too, so a backpack would be so much easier! Mainly for myself as I am the person who tends to end up carrying the bag, therefore I should be able to choose! I have my eye on a couple of colourful backpacks from the Skate Hut which look reasonably sturdy and more importantly, reasonably priced too!

There are far too many gift ideas to choose from and there will always be a couple of extra presents that need to be bought ‘just in case’, but hopefully my ideas will have inspired you to gift awesome presents this Christmas!

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