The Benefits Of Feeding Your Dog Raw Food

Our pooch has many nicknames in our house, with the more commonly use and most affectionate moniker being ‘Snoring Dog’. For the simple fact that she does sleep and therefore snore pretty much 95% of the time.

Unfortunately that is age coming into play and at the ripe old age of 10 years, Honey is doing well for a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

raw dog food

I have always noticed changes in her behaviour and have acted upon any niggling issues straight away. Most recently with alleviating the annoyance of arthritis so that she can still enjoy a walk and keep her weight in check, however I am also lucky in the fact that our particular vet is fantastic.

A recent survey conducted by Nature’s Menu, purveyors of wholesome raw dog and cat food found that a staggering 54% of dogs in the Manchester suffer from some sort of health issue such as allergies, dental or stomach problems. Bad breath is the most common problem (19%) and 18% admit their dog is overweight. Despite this, 66% of owners in Manchester aren’t aware that poor nutrition is one of the leading causes of health issues such as these, which can be vastly improved by changing to a raw diet.

Having always been a barrel on legs, Honey does suffer with being overweight, mainly due to treats that are offered to her when I am not looking! Something as simple as a Rich Tea biscuit can have a long lasting effect and is the doggie equivalent of a Big Mac meal.

I admit to feeding Honey standard complete meal biscuits as opposed to wet food simply for the convenience factor, although she does like them too. However the nutritional benefits from feeding your dog raw food will allow you to see an extraordinary difference in your pet’s health and well being. Raw feeding aims to give dogs a diet appropriate to their digestive system and as close as possible to what they might have eaten as wild animals. Problems such as bad breath, poor digestion, dull/ dry/ itchy skin, a change in activity levels or behaviour and lack of appetite can all be rectified with a change in diet.

Raw dog food

TV Wildlife Expert and all round animal lover Chris Packham feeds his poodle Scratchy raw dog food and stated: “I’ve seen a massive difference in Scratchy since switching to a Nature’s Menu raw diet. He has so much more energy and the condition of his coat and teeth have improved massively. I would really encourage people to check what they’re feeding their dog and take note of any health issues they might be experiencing – I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending a raw diet to any fellow dog owner.”

Honey is going to be one happy pooch when she gets to try out the Nature’s Menu raw food for herself… I only hope it can help with the snoring!

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