Is Blackpool The Perfect Family Seaside Resort?

The one thing about kids is that they always say things as they are. Liv always has the wonderful way of being ridiculously honest, yet tells half a story, leaving you to put two and two together to get 9… kids!

Though ask a child where they would like to go on holiday and you maybe surprised by the results. Almost 9 out of 10 children recently polled stated that they would prefer a real, sandy beach for a family getaway – results from a recent survey conducted by BlackpoolsBack.

Just 1 in 20 children said sunny weather is important for a family holiday… with these and other interesting points revealed in the survey, it is evident that Blackpool is an ideal place to visit. With countless hotels to choose from, entertainment galore and stunning beaches… you really do not have to travel far to find a family pleasing holiday resort.

If you don’t believe me… check out the results in the #BlackpoolsBack infographic below! (Click to enlarge)

Blackpoolsback Infographic

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