Blog Life and Preserving Your Digital Legacy

Blog Life and Preserving Your Digital Legacy

People are always curious of the life of a blogger and for good reason!

To the outside world, it appears as if bloggers are simply gifted with lots of ‘freebies’ that we endorse if we wish. That seriously isn’t the case at all!

Take for example a restaurant review on Manchester Mummy, I generally have a lot to say so posts can easily reach a thousand words and beyond. This in itself can take a couple of hours, but then factor in image and title image editing and you can easily double the time. That’s not including travelling to the restaurant, taking the perfect images of the food and venue, social media promotion during the visit and after the post is featured. Easily taking at least 4-5 hours for one restaurant review is certainly not a blogger simply enjoying a free lunch!

digital legacy

There really is so much more to blogging than simply making words appear on a blank screen, but where do you even start to explain what a blogger does?

Website design, coding (mainly hmtl these days as opposed to Java and C++), photography and editing, SEO, writing, I guess all the social media promotion can be deemed as sales… and that’s all after you have marketed and sold your own blog brand! We are awesome negotiators too, but by heck can we all moan! For the most part, the blogging world is fantastic and there is a community feel. Blogger meet-up’s are the best as it gives you the opportunity to meet so many bloggers that you may have only spoken online with previously.

I am very fortunate to have a good friend and fellow blogger who lives very near me, with many a day spent blogging at her kitchen table.

Blogging life is a great fit for my lifestyle as a single mum, it gives me the flexibility to be there for my daughter and puts food on the table. The perks such as Disney On Ice events and our recent Trafford Centre Christmas Parade and Grotto visit are an added bonus.

I actually happened upon the blogging world as I have always loved to write and never actually started with the intention of becoming a blogger, like so many these days, it just happened naturally. Having been a blogger for over 8 years now, I’ve seen many changes in that time and even I am fully aware that this life cannot go on forever, but I will always happily write, whether online or offline.

digital legacy

The greatest bonus to blogging is the digital footprint you leave in your wake. Sometimes this can be a blessing, yet sometimes it can be a curse. My daughter loves to look back at old blog posts and recall the adventures we have experienced, in some respects blogging is like an online diary. It is nice to know there are options to protect my digital legacy though in case something ever happened to me. SunLife has some useful information on this if you’re interested in finding out how to secure your digital legacy for the future.

Whereas actual diaries can be preserved for many a year, preserving your digital legacy is just as easy and this is a wonderful gift for family and friends who wish to cherish memories – I’d probably best start deleting my choice language at some point!

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