BlogOn Goody Bag and Amber House Summer Beauty Product Must Haves

The BlogOn conference in Manchester last Sunday was simply awesome, there are so many ways in which to describe it, but awesome really does sum it up best. If you attended, you will have seen me there with my Sim’s Life hat on, not literally… that would be weird to have a hat emblazoned with Sim’s Life… and recalled that I was one of the ladies checking you all in for a fab day! 🙂

With so many people to chat to throughout the day, I came away feeling grateful for seeing friends I made in the blogging world many moons ago (Emma and Susan to name two) and having also made some fantastic new buddies who I am hoping will be at the Xmas BlogOn! Watch out for super exciting news regarding BlogOn in the next few weeks over on the Facebook page!

As the week’s events have finally sunk in, I’ve found myself utterly behind with everything, so naturally the first thing to do was unpack the BlogOn goodie bags. I already knew what was in the bags as I had helped to pack two of the three, but it never detracts away from the excitement of emptying them and cooing over all the contents.

With lots of girl related goodies that Mini Me will love, I am keeping them back for the moment as treats… or to be used as bribery, whatever need comes first! 😉

It was lovely to see some beauty related goodies in the bags and here is what will help me get summer ready!

Blog On Beauty Goodies

Sudocrem Care & Protect – now I know people moan about this, but it isn’t just for babies. In fact, it truly is the best moisturiser I have ever used. I am a huge fan and have also converted other people into using this. It may not have any anti ageing qualities, however leaves your skin supple, ridiculously soft and gives a healthy glow. What’s not to like?

Similasan Eye Drops – these single use eye drops are going to be a godsend for when the pollen levels are high and hayfever symptoms are kicking in. Itchy eyes are always a problem I suffer with so I shall be keeping these to hand to help my eyes through the summer.

QVS – Anyone who knows me will have seen my fridge door filled with nail varnish. I love to use vibrant colours in the summer but it’s also good to allow nails to be varnish free and breathe. The 3-way nail buffer will ensure varnish free nails are healthy and shiny without the need of polish.

Candy Crush Lip Balm

They may not have been in the goody bags, but these ridiculously cute, yet vibrant and quirky Candy Crush lip balms from Amber House arrived this week. Fortunately I managed to hide them in time from Mini Me so that I could check them out and take pictures! Available flavours include: Lemonade Lake, Peppermint Palace, Bubblegum Bridge and Chocolate Mountains. The lip balm designs are super cute and colourful… making them very easy to find in your handbag. Whether you are a Candy Crush fan or simply in need of a new moisturising lip balm you can purchase the range in your local Primark store for £1.50, with new additions to the range coming soon! Suitable for anyone over the age of 6 years, the Peppermint Palace has already proved a hit with Mini Me and I have been left with the Lemonade Lake for my own lip balm! A definite hit with Candy Crush lovers… whatever their age! 😉


  1. Sam, Memories and Mayhem Blog says:

    It sounds like BlogOn was fab, I really wish I had gone to it now! Your goody bag sounds awesome and my daughter would love those lip balms so I might have to treat her to some. Manchester is in my thoughts xx #PoCoLo

  2. Morgan Prince says:

    I wish I could’ve gone to Blog On but I always seem to miss out on tickets. Oh dear. Hopefully one day I’ll make it. 🙂
    Thanks for linking to #pocolo

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