Booking A Summer Holiday To Sunnier Climes

I am knackered.

Utterly knackered.

I have no idea why, I can’t say I have been swinging from the chandeliers recently, that is being saved for next week when I am childfree for most of the summer! I just think it is definitely time for a holiday… to fly somewhere ridiculously hot, where people wait on me, tidy my room and constantly bring me refreshing, cold beer!

Having a look at holidays online is always depressing. Checking out exotic locations and weighing up prices is soul destroying, it even makes online dating appear to be a fun sport! Let me tell you, it isn’t!

Procrastinating recently I decided to check out last minute holidays to Mexico, what with all this free time I need to actually ‘do’ something with the very elusive child free moment. First Choice have some reasonably priced holidays  at the moment and it is  somewhere I have always wanted to go; not necessarily for the most amazing mojitos, or the super yummy and spicy food… but for the fact it is guaranteed to be hot!

I am clearly a fan of tanning and sitting out in the garden, although relaxing, does not have the same satisfaction of jumping on a plane and travelling to sunnier climes.


If I do not do something, I know my time will be wasted, going to the gym, walking the dog, working, a few nights out… and a few nights in!! Though it will not have the same gratification as actually doing something. In all fairness, going on holiday means I would position myself on a lounger for the entirety of the holiday (Germans beware! I will fight you for the best sunlounger!). Nothing wrong in that at all!

The grey clouds that I can currently see edging ever closer out of the window are spurring me on to click ‘buy’ on something… just need to find a nice man who wants to whisk me away… nice man? This hunt may take some time… maybe easier to just the holiday on my own!

A collaborative post… but I DO need a holiday… as well as a nice man..! 😉

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