Brits Love To Forage For Food Whilst Camping

Brits Love To Forage For Food Whilst Camping

Camping at this time of year may not exactly be your priority right now, however it is always handy to pick up hints and tips on suitable camping sites for the future.

As a novice camper, when we went camping a few years ago, a site being easy to find and put up a tent on was at the forefront of my mind. We did choose very well when we decided on Middle Hills Farm near Matlock in the ever so stunning Peak District.

Forage For Food Whilst Camping


For not only was it in the middle of nowhere and relatively quiet and picturesque, but is was also somewhat flat, making it seriously easy to pitch the Tentipi tent we had been very kindly lent to review.

The site couldn’t have been anymore stunning and fantastic if you are a fan of hiking – which the Peak District is renowned for.


According to recent research conducted by instant porridge pot company MOMA Foods, a camping experience is made even better for almost a half of Brits who go foraging for food whilst away on their break.

With lots and lots of countryside surrounding Middle Hills Farm campsite, it was the perfect location to go foraging. We had to chuckle at another set of campers on site who took foraging to a new level, as one of the gentlemen in the party – dressed as Jack Sparrow (I kid you not!) – strod off carrying what can only be described as a machete, along with his dog and returned with half a tree. It turned out that the tree was to help them build a campfire, in which to cook their stews made in a huge cauldron above the fire. They really did take camping more seriously than we did as one night we actually had a pizza delivered to the campsite!

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