Bury Light Night 2013 – Lighting Up The Town In Style

Friday night saw the 3rd annual Light Night in Bury and we were finally able to go and see what all the fuss was about. I’ve only ever heard good things about the event and it definitely did showcase the Best of Bury as it claimed.

There were live performances, light installations, live music, a harpist, drummers, stalls selling foods and crafts and of course lights galore in all their magnificent form and even a hot air balloon basket!


The whole of Bury had come to a standstill and it was lovely to see so many people buzzing around.

Lots of friendly faces were milling around and everyone certainly had a fantastic time! One of our highlights was the Light Club – not knowing what to expect as we queued up outside, we soon found ourselves being whisked away into a darkened room with little finger lights.

We were told to go crazy and that our energy for the 10 seconds we were in total darkness would be caught on camera and uploaded at Bury Light Club later that evening. It was definitely a whole new experience and having found our picture I have to admit the results were fantastic – it was well worth doing!


One of our favourite events from the evening was the very stunning story of Brair Rose, told by a light installation reflected onto the Castle Armoury building. It has always been one of my favourite buildings in Bury and has been used in many soaps such as Coronation Street due to it’s amazing brickwork exterior.

The light show was stunning and had everyone, adults and child alike, mesmerized! Inside the building (which is used as a TA base) it was lovely to see people dancing Strictly style – well a more sedate tango – but it was still lovely to see.

The whole night was a great success and we will definitely be attending again next year – a tip if you are looking to attend Bury Light Night in future… wrap up warm!!

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