Bury Light Night 2014

Friday night saw the 4th annual Bury Light Night, a truly magical sight to behold and this year certainly did not disappoint.

Bury Light Night

As expected, the children were mesmerised by the fantastic lighting by Illuminos against the Castle Armoury building. As were the adults! The images do not do the light sequence justice, it was absolutely stunning and despite the biting cold we did not move and stood to watch it again.

Bury Light Night

With an Indian theme this year, so much though had gone into the sequence and the bright colours against the rustic old building were breathtaking.

I Will If You Will were out in force near Barista, showcasing fantastic belly dancing moves along with other lighting segments dotted around Bury, including the lanterns near the Library Gardens.

Bury Light Night

There was so much going on for children, with story time, poets and a slap stick routine of Aladdin (soon to be on stage at The Village Hotel, Bury) to get everyone involved and engage children.

If you were hungry, there were lots of stalls offering savoury delights and if we hadn’t just had a McDonald’s, I may have indulged in a small pot of curry!

It seems Light Night keeps getting better and better every year and the atmosphere throughout the town is great! I really cannot wait till next year’s event and hopefully this time we will get to see everything!

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