Camping: Clothes To Pack When Camping

Camping: Clothes To Pack When Camping

I had been warned that it can become quite cold when camping, especially in the evenings – so I was fully prepared with jumpers and cardigans to help keep the chill off.

Never packing lightly, the clothes bag was full to the brim – in the end, we only wore half of the clothes I packed!

The first evening I found myself struggling with the chill, especially after putting up the tent and spending the day in the scorching  heat. I pulled on my Heat Holders Snugover fleece which had literally just arrived as we were pulling off the drive to go camping!

In hindsight I should have asked for a large as when I realised I had been sent a small, I was pretty sure it wasn’t going to fit. You can bet your sweet ass I shoe-horned myself into that fleece and I have witnesses to state it did actually fit, although slightly snug! Due to the size I noticed it did not cover my whole arm and boy did I notice the difference!

Clothes to Pack When Camping


The small section of arm that was not covered and my hands were freezing, compared to the top half of my body which was all snuggly and warm! With a 1.4 Tog rating, I was boiling – so much so, I popped a lighter in my pocked because it was that warm! The funnel neck is a great feature as the whole top half of your body is snuggly! The purple colour is different, but as it’s my favourite colour, I love it! I expect the blanket is just as amazing!

I have been living in the Ladies Original Heat Holders Socks for the past couple of weeks now and they are my go-to as soon as I walk into the house. Keeping my feet toasty, they are ridiculously comfy and perfect for when you just want to chill! The ultimate thermal sock – with a tog rating of 2.3 – together with the Snugover, you will never feel the cold again!

Liv was easy to pack for, she was literally in t-shirts and shorts/leggings for the whole weekend. I had packed the Craghoppers Nosilife Sirena Hoody – in a rather nice Khaki colour. It is a super soft, thin hooded top which helps to protect children’s skin from UV rays and insect bites. To be honest we were lucky enough to not have to deal with dreaded insects, but along with suncream, I knew Liv would be protected from UV rays during the late afternoons going into the evenings. After a day running around with friends, when kids stop for 5 minutes, they do feel a chill so this hoody came in ridiculously handy – plus it was seriously lightweight, making it very easy to pack!


I seem to have a sock monkey in my house, no matter how many new pairs of socks I buy, I always seem to lose one of the pair. So when Aldi sent me 3 pairs of the luxuriously soft bamboo cotton socks and special insect repellent socks from their current camping section available in stores now, I was very happy! The bamboo socks are so soft and cushion your feet all day long, in subtle pastel colours, they are perfect for the summer. As previously stated, we did not suffer with too many insects, though the insect repellent socks were very thick and had a heavy duty feel so am pretty sure they would have worked well!


All of these items will definitely be packed again when we go on another camping trip later in the year!

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  1. heather

    Oh I love those snugover fleeces, I can’t get over how warm they are. And how adorable us that fleece for Liv? I could have done with some insect repellent socks when camping last week – my feet got bitten to death.

    1. MM

      Ohhhh I could quite happily live in the Heat Holders Snugover – even in a small size, it’s pretty roomy and soooo snuggly… who needs a man?! 😉
      Liv rocks the Craghoppers look for sure! She is a proper Manc 😉

  2. Beth - Musing Housewife

    Wow, that fleece looks stunning! I want one now!!! 🙂

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