Camping Essentials Adult Gadgets

Camping Essentials Adult Gadgets

It’s quite easy to go overboard with camping essentials – everything I packed ‘was’ an essential in my eyes! Here are just a few gadgets we took with us, that as adults, we could not do without!

Camping Essentials for Adults


A sleeping bag is definitely an essential and the Snugpak Chrysalis 3 is an awesome bag to take. Complete with a bright orange bag to keep it safe, this particular sleeping bag even comes with a light that you can attach to the sleeping bag – except Liv spotted that before I even got chance to use it! A mummy style sleeping bag, complete with hood, there are 3 zips to make the sleeping bag smaller or larger, depending on your size. It is also warm… unbelievably warm and comfy, which is exactly what you need in the middle of a field! Review to follow!


Having a light attached to you is ridiculously handy, especially when trying to find your way to your tent at night, whilst attempting not to trip over guy ropes! These cute little bag lights from Lexon are made from silicone, come in a range of funky colours, with 2 bright LED lights to help you find your way. The two magnets make the lights very easy to attach to your clothes or bag. Just be aware that kids love them!


Technology doesn’t appear to work in the middle of a field and you will find yourself becoming one of those people who wave their phones high in the air, in a desperate attempt to find some reception. What about protecting your phone though? You can guarantee it will drop on the floor, be stood on in the dark or have beer spilled over it. Tech 21 have an amazing range of protective cases for phones and I have been rocking one since camping. The silicone cover slips around my phone in such a way, I know it is fully protected. Ready for any impact, giving you complete reassurance, which is great for the rate I drop my phone!


As an adult, sat in the middle of a field, with the sun shining, all you need is chilled beer! Home Bargains have some amazing camping related items in store, including funky picnic blankets, hard wearing crockery and cutlery – but for me, their picnic bags were the winner! A large, multi-coloured, soft canvas, yet still hardy, insulated bag that kept our food and more importantly drink cool. With carry handles it was very easy to carry around and was certainly lighter on the return journey! Just through in a couple of ice packs and you are ready to go!

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