Camping: The Perfect Food To Pack When Camping

Camping: The Perfect Food To Pack When Camping

Realising Middle Hills Farm camp site was a good car journey from the nearest supermarket, Heather and I stocked up on food the day before embarking on our journey, in Aldi.

Packing up numerous packs of instant noodles along with bacon and sausages (easy to cook when camping) we also packed some Old El Paso goodies including the One Pot Chicken pack just in case there was a butchers nearby. The meal looked easy to make and it made sense to take this with us…

In theory, what happened was, we found out there was a nearby chippy and a takeaway that delivered to the site… so apart from an evening meal of pasta, we didn’t actually cook that much..!

So instead, we decided to make the Old El Paso One Pot meal when we came home, so that we could enjoy it with a large bowl of Nachos too!

The Perfect Food To Pack When Camping


Very simple to make, even I cannot get it wrong – the pack suggests adding chicken, peppers, sweetcorn and onion. As the children can be slightly fussy when it comes eating healthy foods so we left it at adding chicken only.


With separate packs and instructions of when to add and how long to cook for, we were surprised by how unappealing it looked whilst cooking – though with the addition of the required water, the meal started taking shape. The smell emanating from the pan was divine and once it was ready to serve (cooks in 20 minutes) we had already scoffed half a large Pyrex dish filled with Nachos (loaded with cheese, salsa, guacamole and sour cream) so the kids had a larger portion than we did.

Old El Paso1

The Mild One Pot was perfect and although the children had originally moaned, they returned to us with empty bowls, so they must have approved! It really was delicious though, the meal had a gentle Mexican spice kick to it, it would have only been made better if it had been served with a mojito… I had to make do with wine!


I am really looking forward to trying the Tortilla Back. To me, it has a lasagna look to it but made the Mexican way.

For me, whenever I see Nachos on a menu, I am straight in there, I could quite literally eat them all day long. The Old El Paso Nachos are seriously easy to make, just 10 minutes in the oven, after you have loaded the included salsa and your own cheese… then when ready it’s a case of adding any extras such as sauces.

As far as camping food goes, I would really recommend the one pot – so long as you do have a large pan/pot to make it in. We added two packs and it only just fit in a large frying pan. The pack was fuss free, easy to make and required few cooking utensils. Bonus!

The range is pretty cool and the one I go to when I fancy a Mexican feast – still my favourite by far is the Enchilada pack – what is your favourite from the range?

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