Camping: How To Start A Fire With Zippo

Camping: How To Start A Fire With Zippo

One thing I loved this year, that took me completely out of my comfort zone was camping. Being stationed in a field with no WIFI, mirrors or NetFlix sent shivers up my spine and gave me nightmares beforehand, but when I was actually there, enjoying the peace and tranquillity, it was fantastic!

We were trying to arrange to go camping again before the end of the year, but unfortunately the Tentipi had to go back (there may have been a tear or two), but fear not, we still have to test it with the stove, so expect a couple more camping posts next year!

How to Start a Fire


Though for now… Zippo had very kindly sent over some rather awesome products, perfect for our camping trip. I have always been aware of Zippo… having had an awesome Zippo lighter back in the day… for emergency purposes of course! The brand that never fails to create a spark when you need it!

The Instant Campfire Starter (RRP £6) is a little recycled Cedar and refined wax disc that even burns when wet, helping any camper start a fire instantly with no need to worry about personal injury when lighting!

Another camping essential is the Zippo Emergency Fire Kit (RRP £19.99), it is not an actual lighter, albeit it does resemble one. Classy and portable, the size of a normal lighter, it comes complete with 4 tinder sticks and a reliable flint-wheel ignition. It could literally save your bacon, or actually help in cooking it for you! The kit provides the spark that is required to light a fire and works perfectly with water resistant, waxed tinder sticks.

We didn’t actually have need to start a fire when we went camping earlier in the year as we were using a gas stove. However I am quite excited to put the Zippo products to the test when we next go camping.

The other products in the image are the Outdoor Deluxe Hand Warmer… which again will come in very handy indeed and the Flexible Neck Utility Lighter – both of these will be featured in the Sim’s Life Gift List.

So, if you are slightly braver than us and are due to go camping this year… check out the Zippo products to make your trip slightly easier!

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  1. Raymond Vasquez

    Nice! But I wonder how much would these Zippos cost me if I’m going to decide to get me one. How much does it cost you to get those? Appreciate your response. 🙂

  2. Louise

    These are great products for campers indeed! Wow. I’ve never heard of the brand nor these kind of products. I don’t even think it’s available here in the Philippines. I’m sure if it would be available here, campers would go gaga for these.

  3. R U S S

    I have not gone camping ever, but Zippo seems to be convenient and more practical than well … matches. I like that Zippo has other products other than lighters. Now that’s something I learned from your post.

  4. May De Jesus-Palacpac

    I remember the Zippo brand becoming huge here in late 90s. They have this stall at the mall with stylish lighters that makes non-smokers buy them for themselves, hahaha.

    But yeah, it’s pretty useful for stoves and other things, too.

  5. Fred

    I am not not much into camping. I do not get it why I should spend the night outdoors in a tent! 🙂 The last time I went camping was back when I was a cadet in high school (and I did not really like it even back then). Anyway, I guess these lighters should make the chore of lighting a fire easier.

  6. Katrina Centeno

    I have never tried camping before. I can live without wifi, videos and even a mirror for as long as I am with people who are fun to be with. Btw, these are cool gadgets to bring to camping.

  7. Tiffany Yong W.T. (tiffanyyongwt)

    Aww… Why no photos of you guys trying out Zippo and doing Camping! Will love to see them! Please do try them and then share with us if it works!

  8. marri

    Camping kits like these Zippo branded items are essentials. People who love the outdoors will benefit with these highly dependable trip partners.

  9. Lakwatserong Unggoy

    I am a zippo user for several years. It’s a good to hear that they introduce a new product to the market. I love doing camping and road trips. I think this would benefit everyone who wanted to have a quick fire to start without giving too much effort everytime the wind is blowing and keeping your patience and hope that soon after you can build your fire.

  10. kareen liez

    This looks interesting and useful especially for those who travel a lot and do camping too.

  11. Suzanne Rudge

    Zippo is a great company with a fine line of products. We have used Zippo in the past and have never had any problems with them. It is cool to see all the great items they have for campers to use!

  12. Pingerrain*Priscilla

    I’m a glasshouse kid, love the sun and the waters but hate the mosquitoes as I get bitten very easily. However, I have a fair share of experience in my younger days camping. Not a good experience I must say.

    Currently, the nearest to getting a fire started would be to fire up a charcoal BBQ. Working in a Science Research facility, alcohol and matchsticks are our to-go materials.

    I think Zippo lighter that is specially made for camping would be much easier to use instead. Looks good!!

  13. phyliciamarie

    i really have no idea about camping. My family aren’t really outdoorsy so, I never got the chance. If ever I get the chance though, i’m taking note of these Zippo products.

  14. Marie

    Zippo is making camping easier for us. I may not be a camper, but I do know some people who does.I’m sure they’ll be delighted to know about this.

    1. MM

      I hope the info can help! Zippo certainly know what they are doing in the fire subject! 😉

  15. Ling Tan

    Hey, the zippo hand warders you mentioned sounds cool! I think that might come in handy for ski trips. Is there an online store?

  16. Ling Tan

    Hey, the zippo hand warmers you mentioned sounds cool! I think that might come in handy for ski trips. Is there an online store?

    1. MM

      There is indeed, follow the Zippo link in the post to the online store! It is very funky indeed!

  17. Noel

    I know Zippo as a lighter maker for a long time, and when you say zippo lighter, for me it means quality

    1. MM

      Absolutely! Zippo lighters are the daddy of fire! The camping products are awesome though and I cannot wait to put them to use… next year though when it is slightly warmer!

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