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Never has a tent caused as much confusion… it even resulted in 3 men walking over to us in the pitch black to clarify whether the Tentipi Safir 9 was a Tipi or a Wigwam… they were soon sent away with all the charm that two Mancunican ladies could muster. We were as ever, as subtle as a brick! It was certainly the talking point of the campsite… even with a guy dressed as Jack Sparrow there for the weekend!

Still, even now I am uncertain about the differences between a Tipi and a Wigwam, all I know is that the Tentipi range are definitely Tipi’s… something in the name gives it away… oh… and they are AWESOME!

After reviewing several YouTube videos and recalling Tony from Tentipi’s drawings, I had mixed emotions on putting the Tentipi up. It is not a small tent by any stretch of the imagination. The Tentipi Safir 9 is aptly named, because it can comfortably hold 9 sleeping adults… plus extra space for clothes, food or even beer! My first foray into erecting a tent was not going to be easy and with the sun belting down and cracking the flags, my butterflies certainly surfaced on the way to the Middle Hills Farm camp site in The Peak District.


Tentipi tents are sold as primarily that, a tent! Mainly due to the fact that the people who normally buy and use them are hardcore adventurers. Think Ray Mears and families who are more used to the great outdoors… not a hair product loving, nail varnish addict from the outskirts of Manchester, who loves her home comforts! Luckily Tony had also lent us a ground sheet to accompany the tent. Sharing my bed with bugs is something I did not have in mind so was eternally grateful!

After watching a well trained gentleman put the Tentipi Safir 7 up in 8 minutes on a YouTube video, I was determined to beat his time. Ever competitive Sim! Realising the disc and measuring tape that comes with the tent would make it much easier for me to peg out in the correct placings and the perfect distance apart, I thought it would be an easy task.

Except, on arrival and finally taking out the brand new, pristine, stunning Safir 9, with shiny silver pegs and tent pole, I realised there was no disc or measuring tape. HELP!!

Fear not, I had revised the videos several times… I could do this right?

The answer is…


10 minutes, single handed, with no measuring disc… first time ever putting a tent up. Oh yes!

That is how easy the Tentipi’s are to put up, I was amazed. I expected to be swearing quite a lot and crying… alas no, in fact I was laughing at how easy it all was that even I could do it, whilst watching every other camper struggle with their tents!

So… this was how easy it was to put up… I still need to inform you of how awesome the tent actually is… in another post 😉

If you are interested in the Tentipi tents, definitely check out the Tentipi Safir range. Perfect for families and easy to put up!


    • MM says:

      They are awesome, I could not believe how easy it was to put up and that was it – no faffing around. Fantastic for people who just want to crack on – or total novices like myself!

    • MM says:

      I couldn’t believe I put it up on my own and it stayed standing the whole time! I was able to watch Heather wrestle with her groundsheet, whilst we almost collapsed from the heat – it was scorching. I could not recommend the Tentipi enough for ease of use – 1 person can easily put this up within minutes. No stress, no hassle. I was amazed!

  1. Penny Carr says:

    That looks amazing. We really hope to be able to go camping soon with our kids so I’m busy making list of all the amazing bits of kit I want to buy. One of these is definitely going on my list! 🙂

    • MM says:

      The tent is amazing and I would definitely recommend it for families. It is so well made and will last forever!!

    • MM says:

      It is the most awesome tent ever, definitely have a look at the range, there are smaller, more intimate tents and a couple of different ranges to dependent on budget and requirements!

    • MM says:

      I was so surprised that packed up the tent was no larger than an actual camping rucksack – if you felt brave enough 😉
      A car does make it slightly easier though, not just for the tent but for everything else you need to take camping!

    • MM says:

      As a single parent, that is what always put me off but honestly this went up in 10 mins, by my own fair hands… we were all really surprised!!

  2. Ruth says:

    Oh wow – that looks so cool! And if you were at a festival or large campsite it would be so much easier to find than a regular tent! I can’t say I’m an enthusiastic camper but as my son gets older he has started dropping big hints about wanting to try it – maybe I could be persuaded if it was in a tipi!

    • MM says:

      I am as far removed as possible from camping – my parents didn’t believe I would do it, they thought I was joking! I did it, I survived, I caved and spent several pounds on a 15 minutes shower (it was divine). To be honest it was not as bad as I expected, the only thing I missed was a shower every day. I did soak in the bath for an hour when I returned home. Definitely give it a go… with friends it is most definitely fun 🙂

  3. Taunton Leisure says:

    Lovely little blog. At first glance they look big and intimidatnig to pitch, but they really are a piece of cake! Just goes to show how easy these tipis are to use!

    I wonder if it was one of our eager beavers you saw pitching the tipi in the YouTube video? 🙂

    • MM says:

      Yes, yes it was!!! I was very impressed indeed!! 🙂 I reckon after a few attempts I could put your colleague to the challenge 😉

  4. Beth - Musing Housewife says:

    I want to start going camping again… I miss it! I wonder if I can persuade my parents that ‘they’ need it (so I can use it!)

  5. Tony Stephenson says:

    So good to hear of your tipi experiences, Simone. Next challenge is to wait until it’s miserable cold and damp, and we’ll arrange for you to try camping with a wood burning stove in the tent. It’s amazing! Tony.

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