Camping: There Is No Way Back Now! Tentipi Review

Camping: There Is No Way Back Now! Tentipi Review

The time is upon us and we are finally going camping – there are a mixture of emotions at the moment. Clearly I am extremely excited, as is Mini Me, it is going to be lovely to get away and enjoy the great outdoors with friends.

I am nervous though as this has arrived… for the Tentipi Review!

Tentipi Review


It is the rather awesome (click for full review) Tentipi Safir 9 and we will be putting it to the family camping test over the next couple of weeks. I have been glued to YouTube the past few nights so that I have a vague idea of how to put it up. We are heading over to the Peak District to Middlehills Farm – it looks absolutely lovely and definitely set up for families. Though there appear to be a lots of things to keep us occupied in the local vicinity – the walks in the Peak District are amazing and the dogs will love it too! The kids are going to have so much fun… not only that but the weather is going to be glorious! This will make putting up a tent (something I have never done before) a lot easier.

With games for the kids, they will hopefully be kept busy and keep out of the way. The videos show one man putting the tent up within 10 minutes… I think you can probably add another 0 to the end for me, however I am hoping to surprise myself. It is all very simple and self explanatory and the Safir 9 will look awesome and commanding once up.

A trip to Aldi yesterday resulted in a food shop for things we can take with us – there may well be quite a few packs of instant noodles. Though Old El Paso very kindly sent a box of Mexican food for us to hopefully make some yummy meals. The One Pot Packs look simple to make, simply add chicken and the mild flavours will be perfect for the children.


Everything is packed though I am sure I will have forgotten things, the car is filled to the brim and we are finally ready. Bring it on!

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  1. Jenny @ The Brick Castle

    Hope it’s going/gone well! Thoseone-pot rice dishes do look really handy for camping 🙂

  2. Beth - Musing Housewife

    Hope you had a fab time darl… you certainly had the weather. 🙂

    1. MM

      Awww we had a fab time chick – was lovely to get away but also nice to get back and have a long soak in the bath 🙂 x

  3. Bury Family Life

    ha, have the nerves about camping dissipated yet? And how ace was that tent?

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