Celebrate Australia Day 2015 With These Great Events!

Year after year, events all over Australia spring up to ring in the national holiday with the best of Australia’s pride. Here are some of the events you must not miss!

This year it is no exception; Australia Day rocks! While there are hundreds of events taking place all over the country we decided to take a look at some of the most popular, captivating, and eclectic events (and fireworks!) that span the country.

While celebrating at home can be a really great time; the decorations and doting yourself up in Australia’s colours, this year’s event line-up is not to be missed!

If you’re not attending the best function venues in Newcastle, here is a list of our top picks organised geographically by city to attend to celebrate this year’s national holiday, Australia Day. We hope you think they rock, too. If you disagree or we left out any hidden gems, please do not hesitate to leave a comment below the article –we would love to hear from you!

Sydney Festival 2015

Spread out across the entire city spanning venues from the harbour to The Star’s Sky Terrace, this celebration surely is not to be missed.

Both premium and free live music shows covering genres like opera, bluegrass, hip hop, rock, jazz, samba, and others –in addition to creative art installations, dramatic theatre, and plenty of activities to do for the kids and the entire family –this one is a surefire family favourite.

And it’s quite affordable, with the option of purchasing tickets for 3 events at once for the low cost of $69 dollars.

Tamworth Country Festival

Leading up to (and including) Australia Day, for those who wish to celebrate at home, the Tamworth Country Festival is a great venue to take in with the family. Being one of Australia’s premier events, the Tamworth Country Festival is a massive festival and one of the largest in the world.

With over 2,200 events, 600 buskers, and over 4,000 performances, this festival attracts over 55,000 festival goers annually and includes the Aboriginal Cultural Showcase.

NSW’s Saltwater Freshwater Festival

Another event featuring an Aboriginal Cultural Showcase, celebrating Australia Day also means paying tribute to the nations that called Australia home before the first European settlers came to the country.

This event moves from year to year, and you should check out their website prior to making plans.

Belgrave Survival Day

Celebrating the survival of the indigenous people of Australia, this festival is a historic icon. Learn all about the Australia’s earliest settlers at this festival, while savouring indigenous food and enjoying the vibrant arts, music, and culture that is present at this one-day festival.

Cairns’ Ultimate Party

This one remains true to it’s name year after year, and if you’re in the Cairns area, it is not to be missed! Live music, great food, and plenty of things to see and do. The event even features a Club Crawl with the Cairns Ultimate Party bus!

Perhaps this one is best attended by parents and adults, with the kids staying back with a sitter. It’s worth the extra “holiday rate” they will likely charge! Trust us!

Country-Wide Big Red BBQ

While we all love the savoury goodness of a good ol’ fashioned bar-bee, this one is also for a great cause. Brought to you by Kidney Health Australia, Big Red BBQ events are fun for the whole family and bring a number of organisations together to serve families and friends some of the best BBQ the country has to offer. A must see! Or in the case, we mean a MUST EAT!

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