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Checking Out The Newly Refurbished Wythenshawe Specsavers Store

by MM

A couple of weekends ago, Liv and I found ourselves heading towards Wythenshawe, an area of Manchester we had never visited before to check out the newly refurbished Specsavers store.

It is very easy to find the Specsavers store, fortunately it is right in the town centre – with ample parking at The Forum nearby. Parking costs £1.50 for up to 4 hours, which is significantly cheaper than parking in Bury, we were already off to a good start!

Specsavers Wythenshaw

The balloon arch in green and white synonymous with Specsavers easily gave the shop away and upon entering were greeted by Guide Dogs and cakes… what better welcome can you ask for?

Not only was Specsavers Wythenshawe celebrating their refurbishment on the day, but also the fact that a staff member was celebrating 30 years service at the store, so the atmosphere was fantastic! There was even a Specsavers inspired celebration cake to mark the occasion!

Specsavers Wythenshaw

The store was very busy when we arrived, yet there were lots of friendly, helpful staff on hand and everything ran smoothly with no-one waiting long to be seen.

Top Tip: Make sure you book your eye test appointment in advance!

I was able to capture the extensive range of frames on offer when everyone had filtered through, which highlights how light and airy the store is. The new layout really does work well with the space available – with the upstairs space now offering five eye test rooms in place of just one.

Specsavers Wythenshaw

After checking in and having our details taken to input into the system, both Liv and I undertook the preliminary tests needed before our main eye tests. The tests are quick and easy, although I had forgotten about the ‘puff of air in your eye’ test and flinched each time – the tests are necessary to check reactions and health of your eyes.

Specsavers Wythenshaw

Located in a cubicle style area downstairs, the tests are very quick and soon enough you find yourself heading upstairs for the main eye test.

Specsavers Wythenshaw

Well lit and with plenty of places to sit, the main testing area at the Wythenshawe Specsavers store has been completely transformed to offer local residents a much more efficient service.

Liv was slightly daunted upon entering the test room – having never suffered with her eyes, she has never actually been for a test previously, although…

Top Tip: Children under the age of 15 years should have an eye test each year. For adults, it is every two years.

Specsavers Wythenshaw

Dara, our optometrist on the day was absolutely lovely and very quickly put Liv at ease. Professional, yet so so funny, I could have happily spent all day chatting with her! With lots of funky gadgets to check out, Liv and I both got the chance to sport glasses that would make Elton John jealous… trust me, no-one can make these look good!

Specsavers Wythenshaw

Poor Liv!

The tests were very thorough and Dara talked us through the whole process – with my test pointing out a small change in prescription since my original test last year.

Heading back downstairs, we had a final test on a very smart machine that offers a picture of the inside of your eyeball. The pictures are absolutely fascinating, giving a snapshot of the health conditions of your eye.

If you do require glasses, the next step is to try on frames to find a pair that suits before they are ordered matching your prescription. The store does offer a scanning process to help you choose suitable frames based on your face shape and also cut down the time spent trying lots of frames!

I cannot thank the staff at the Wythenshawe Specsavers enough for inviting us down to check out their fabulous, refurbished store and making our trip down these easy and fun. What most may think is a chore, trust me, it isn’t! Much easier than expected, the staff at the Wythenshawe store are there to help at every stage with great advice.

If you have noticed a change in your eye sight, it maybe worthwhile booking an appointment and heading down there! It’s also well worth checking out the offers available on the Specsavers website beforehand!

Disclaimer: Liv and I were kindly offered eye tests and a new pair of frames for the purpose of this post.

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Jenny @thebrickcastle February 27, 2019 - 12:29 pm

I love Specsavers. The puff in the eye test was the first clue I had dangerously high blood pressure, they did me a massive favour and I was referred for the correct help. My son got his first pair of glasses from there less than a month ago too! 🙂

MM February 27, 2019 - 12:40 pm

The body really is a marvel, but I am so glad that your high blood pressure was detected – and by the puff in the eye machine nonetheless! Aww he totally rocks his new specs! I will definitely be more on it with tests for Liv!x


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