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Choosing Between Light And Dark Flooring For Your Home

by MM
flooring for your home

An unusual twist on modern flooring designs is using dark flooring and focusing more on making a statement to try and make your space feel bigger. For those who like to mix it up, you can even play around with patterns and designs so that you needn’t choose one or the other. Consider these points before making your decision…

Style of the interior

Renovating your home usually means that you’ve researched your interests and have mood boards detailing the design you have in mind. However, if it is a case of relaying new flooring to replenish a current design, you have space to consider something different to what you currently own.

The function of the room is vital when choosing décor, especially your flooring, as you need it to be durable and easy to manage. For example, the kitchen is the most active room in a house, and a lot of mess is often made before, during and after mealtimes. Therefore, you need a floor that won’t expose stains or marks. Dark luxury vinyl flooring will not only prevent them from being visible before the clean-up, but it will actively prevent them with its patented Scratch-Guard technology and moisture resistance. This is the same on all luxury vinyl flooring making it an ideal option for families and those with pets.

dark flooring for your home

Size of the space

No matter the size of the room you’re working with, using dark or light flooring can play tricks on one’s perception of size and space. Dark tones seemingly tie in the features you have set up in your room, whereas rooms that are dimensionally small or have a lot of furniture in would benefit from lighter tones to make them look bigger. No matter the change you want to make in your room, luxury vinyl flooring has plenty of options to help you hit the nail on the head.

flooring for your home


Natural or artificial light

The phrase ‘opposites attract’ comes to mind when talking about natural or artificial lighting. To get the most out of the natural light in your vicinity if you have small windows, opt for lighter-toned flooring. If you already have big windows that let in big beams of light, you can get away with having dark-toned flooring that doesn’t reflect or expand the natural light in any way.

The use of artificial light can be used to sway these results depending on the atmosphere you want to achieve in the room. Light-toned floorings can often be emphasised if you use white lighting, creating a clinical and cold atmosphere. Instead, choose yellow or rose-tinted bulbs for more ambience.

Get the feng shui your home deserves with luxury vinyl flooring

Now you’ve done the research all you need to do is start browsing – but where to start? Amtico is the leading retailers of luxury vinyl flooring. Amtico offers Signature Woods, Spacia Stone and even Abstract, in a variety of tones which will make it possible to overcome the issues discussed previously in this article. Luvanto is also ideal if you’re looking for flooring with more pattern diversity. Try a monochrome, parquet or fishbone pattern by choosing the Endure Pro, Design and Click and Herringbone ranges from Luvanto. To truly love your new flooring, you must embrace luxury vinyl.

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