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Christmas: Fun Family Gift Ideas

by MM

That time of the year is nearly upon us, shining fairy lights in our faces, wrapping tinsel around our necks and feverishly demanding to know if we’ve bought our presents yet. Yes, it’s nearly Christmas, that time of the year when families forget about the arguments of last Christmas, coming together in a manner reminiscent of the Christmas truce in 1914. We’re being dramatic of course; Christmas is a very exciting prospect, however finding gifts for family members can turn in to quite the headache- here are some ideas if you’re in need of a little help!

For excited dads, getting the right present can be pretty difficult; no one wants to end up getting the obligatory tie or compilation CD; so for the man that has everything think about getting a driving experience. Giving your husband or father the opportunity to drive some of the world’s most blisteringly fast supercars or to sit in the passenger seat whilst enjoying speeds never usually seen (whilst being under the wing of an experienced race car driver) will really put a smile on your giftees face come the 25th!

Christmas Tree

It might seem like an unconventional gift, but a new bed or mattress can be a wonderful Christmas gift for your family members. If your family’s beds are worn, tired and lacking in the comfort department, a new fangled memory foam mattress or stylish bed frame could be just what Santa ordered; after all- what’s better than a comfortable nights’ sleep!

Christmas is the perfect time to pamper mums or wives with presents, and this Christmas some beautiful jewellery; a pearl or Pandora bracelet; or a personalised calendar featuring family photos, would truly fit the bill. Spa days where much-loved mums can be pampered in the lap of luxury for a day are also a great idea; a wonderful way to show how much you appreciate your mum or partner.

Now for the kids, and let’s be honest Christmas is all for the children in the family, so making sure you have the best gifts for your children will really ensure that this Christmas is completely magical! For boys that have been extra good this year a home planetarium is a great gift idea, especially if your son is a budding astronaut, and whilst providing a spectacle in itself, the projector is also very educational. For daughters, go traditional with this beautiful jewellery box that doubles up as a wind up music box, or perhaps this cute penguin onesie- great for cold winter nights!

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