Coping With Christmas When You Are Divorced

Being divorced is wonderful!

The grass has certainly been greener on the other side for me and I have made full use of my ‘free’ time. I can do what I want, say what I want, meet whomever I like and I have no one to answer to. Being tied down was certainly never for me and making the decision has worked out fantastically.

By no means does that mean it was smooth sailing! Factor in Christmas and Birthdays and being separated becomes a whole new ball game. Factor in distance, as unlike most men I know who stay close to their children, alas, distance is a factor for us and means that my Mini Me is either with me for Christmas or her birthday.

It does get easier as time passes by and my lovely friends and family keep me occupied (read distracted!). Mini Me is in her element though, she gets to enjoy two Christmas Days and two birthdays, meaning even more presents! According to recent research by the family team at Simpson Millar, 11% of children in the UK who come from divorced or separated families have two Christmas Days a year!

For us, I guess the arrangements fell into place and for the most part it does work.

I get some much needed free time to tidy up and decorate, ready for Mini Me’s return and the house to look well lived in again.

If you are about to spend your first Christmas without your children, my top tips are to keep busy and make sure that you dedicate time for you. Have a pamper day, organise a day or night out with friends and certainly do not forget to record the Downton Abbey Christmas Day special!

Just remember, you are not on your own. Further details of the research concluded can be seen in this rather snazzy gifographic on how to deal with Christmas when you are divorced.

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