Do You Need Summer Trip Inspiration?

There is no denying that summer is finally upon us and this glorious heatwave is just what we need after a very long winter. Everyone is happy and chilled, unless you are stuck in work traffic, or worse still, a train in this weather and then your mood may not be as chilled!

A holiday is a great way to relax, take a break from the chores of daily life and recharge your batteries. Liv and I will be holidaying in the UK this summer and if the weather remains to be kind to us, we will have a fantastic time.

I am rather envious of those jetting off to even sunnier climes though. With a friend having jetted off to the glamorous island of Antigua earlier in the week, I am expecting lots of pictures of cocktails on the beach. Harumph!

trip inspiration

I wouldn’t even know where to start on choosing a holiday destination, there are so many amazing countries that I would love to visit with Liv and soak up the atmosphere and culture. If you are like me, then you too will need trip inspiration for your summer holiday and thanks to FlyBe, I hope this post can help you with that!

The friendly, low cost airline that flies holidaymakers all over Europe have produced a fun quiz that will give you the trip inspiration you need this summer. Simply answer 5 questions based on who you are travelling with, what your ideal day and night look like and what food you would like to eat whilst on holiday.

Randomly, my suggested trip inspiration was Jersey, somewhere I have never visited but would like to go one day. Maybe I need to move the destination up my consideration list!

Offering trip inspiration flying from Manchester, have a go at the quiz and let me know how you get on. Will your destination be further afield that Jersey?

A collaborative post.


    • MM says:

      Actually that would be awesome for you! You’ve only just been up to Scotland but clearly the quiz is telling you to go back!x

  1. Stephanie 139a says:

    I got Dusseldorf too, and happy with Germany although I’ve not considered Dusseldorf before – perhaps I should?! Thanks for sharing with #PoCoLo

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