Don’t Get Caught by the Cold When Camping

Don’t Get Caught by the Cold When Camping

Camping tips to stay warm
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Don’t Get Caught by the Cold When Camping

Camping is a great way to take in the fresh air, experience nature and the great outdoors, and sit around a campfire telling stories – spooky or not – over a lovely plate of sausages straight off the barbeque with the people you hold dearest.  

And while most people choose to do their camping in the summer months where the weather is, mostly, reliable there are some who elect to brave the chill of autumn and winter. Many may consider this absolute madness, but we all have different preferences. If you are planning on venturing out into the wilderness during these colder months, it is essential that you prepare for the cold.


Many people think that wrapping up in something warm will suffice when trying to stay at the right temperature. But in actuality, it is wearing as many layers as possible while still being comfortable that is is the key to keeping warm during those frosty winter nights.

Doing this allows you to remove a layer if you are too warm, without the risk of shivering in your sleeping bag. If you get too cold, then merely adding the layer back should get you back to proper comfort levels. Furthermore, it is also advised to go to bed warm and not allow your body to cool down, as being asleep will only reduce this temperature further.


As much as having the right clothes on during sleep, it is also essential to ensure you have adequate gear to cocoon yourself in during the night. Researching the best sleeping bags for cold weather for both you and your children will go a long way towards staying toasty during the night.

Additionally, you want to make sure that the ground isn’t too hard. For this, getting a proper camping mat to ease any aches and pains in the morning is a must. For the kids, looking at cool toddler beds that are ideal for camping will allow them even more comfort and keep them elevated from the cold ground.


Another piece of advice many campers swear by is to eat as late as possible before going to bed. This is because of the natural activity that your body will do during the night. Going to bed with a full stomach, preferably of a fat-filled meal will keep your body warm through metabolization, which generates heat.

While your kids may be complaining they are hungry, assure them that you are doing them a favour. Additionally, there aren’t a lot of things in the world that are more enjoyable and satisfying than sitting by the fire and sharing sausages, burgers, or even Mexican food under the stars and under the moonlight (visibility permitting).


The prospect of camping during the colder months might seem like an exercise in insanity for many. But the brisk air and the beautiful night scenery is something that must be seen at least once in your life.

As with everything though, be sure to exercise caution and above all remain safe and sound. Taking steps to stay as warm as possible during your winter camping trips will make for happy campers and happier memories.

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