Driving With Your Dog: Are You Breaking The Rules Of The Road?

Driving With Your Dog: Are You Breaking The Rules Of The Road?

We all know that we need to drive with a seatbelt securely fastened around all passengers in a car, there are rules in place. But what about when it comes to transporting our little 4 legged friends? Did you realise there are laws governing driving with your dog too?

With ever changing rules regarding driving on roads, it’s hard enough to keep up with the rules of simply transporting people. Though, were you aware that there is a correct way to drive with a dog in the car and you could be breaking the law if you don’t follow these rules?

Driving with your dog laws

Let’s have a look at what to expect with the laws for driving with your dog…

Ensure your dog is suitably restrained

I am sure we will have all driven past cars on the roads whereby a dog has its head out of the window and had a giggle… well, this is against the law! Having a dog freely wandering around your car whilst driving is a huge no-no and for good reason, it is a distraction, not only for yourself as the driver, but also for other drivers around you. As much as you may enjoy doggy cuddles whilst driving, enjoy them more when you reach your destination!

driving with your dog

We had a special dog harness to ensure our pooch Honey was secure in our car when driving around. As she got older, it was easier to simply let her jump into the front passenger footwell and lie down there. Liv loved the dog being so close to her and considering in old age, moving was hard enough, she was happy to settle down and have attention… and her picture taken too! (see above!)

Whilst this is clearly the most obvious of all the laws surrounding driving with dogs, Tyre Pros have published a seriously handy guide to check out further information on the driving laws for transporting dogs in your car. You can also check out what your punishment would be if you do not secure your pooch! :/

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