Earn Money By Selling Unwanted Items

The one disadvantage to losing weight is the fact that you require a replacement wardrobe… which can be seen as a lovely treat, especially for all the hard work you have put into losing the weight. However the strain on your bank balance can come as a shock!

There are ways to supplement your new wardrobe filled with new clothes though…

Selling your old clothes on sites such as Ebay

This has added benefits in the fact you are making space in your wardrobe for your new purchases, however you are also raising funds from your old clothes. People will purchase clothes from auction sites and you may even find a few treats yourself!

Cash for clothes stations

Bagging up clothes can be quite weighty, however if you have a local charity weigh in station that accept clothes in return for cash, the heavier the bag, the more money you will receive. Plus it is nice to know that your old clothes will be making a difference to others.

The lottery

Well it would be nice to think you could one day have the winning numbers and the problem wouldn’t be filling your wardrobe, it would be how many wardrobes will you need! Tickets are easy to come by, in local retailers or you can even buy lottery tickets online too!

A girly swap night

Having the girls over for a fun night is always entertaining, but why not turn it into a ‘clothes swap’ night? Everyone brings a few unwanted clothing items and swap them for others they may like. It’s great to have a refresh and you know the clothes will be going to a good home!

Car Boot

Car boot sales

With the weather vastly improving, standing out on a stall all day is more enjoyable. A great way to earn money by selling unwanted items, alongside clothes you have outgrown.

Hopefully this will have given you some inspiration on how you can have a spring clean and also earn money!

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