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Essential Things to Consider When Purchasing a Campervan

by MM

Going on holiday is arguably most people’s favourite time of year…well, maybe that and Christmas! It’s so exciting deciding on where to go next and planning your trip to see where it will take you. Researching a place, finding out where the hotspots are and planning to visit them all can be so satisfying when you finally get on your trip. Whether you enjoy adventure and the outdoors or you prefer laying by a pool and relaxing, holidays are the perfect escape from everyday life.


If you love the thrill of the adventure and enjoy going on road trips then you might have considered a campervan holiday before. Maybe you’ve even borrowed or rented one previously and love the idea of it! Whatever the reason, there are so many upsides to holidaying in a campervan such as the freedom to go wherever you need to go at a moment’s notice and the satisfaction of planning your route and seeing it through. It’s also the perfect opportunity to escape the more tourist-oriented areas and get off the beaten track to see things you wouldn’t normally see! If you’re seriously considering owning a campervan for yourself then there are a few things you need to consider before jumping straight in…

You need to ensure that the campervan you opt for in the end suits your needs. Make sure you opt for one that is practical and usable for your whole family. If you have little children, this will play a factor in the type you go for, as it will if you have a larger family and need to accommodate them all. You need to invest in a campervan that will be suitable for you, and this will mostly come down to personal circumstances, personal preference and budget! It will be worth investing in a quality of campervan however, as it will be a big purchase and you need it to be reliable. VW T5s tend to be one of the most popular campervan types there is.


If there’s more than a couple of people that you intend on travelling with, holidaying in a campervan can get very cramped very quickly! You need to ensure your campervan meets your needs and can adapt to your group’s requirements. You can easily buy added extras such as awnings and outside tables and chairs that will extend the space you have and make it seem less like you’re sitting on top of one another. Awnings can be designed like all sorts of outside coverings – you can get ones that are fully covered if you’re travelling in months or places when the weather tends to be bad, or you can just buy ones that provide a roof shelter for your friends and family to allow the sun to flood through. Ensure you have all the right VW T5 parts to suit your campervan and your needs before undertaking a big trip.

Storage can be a huge problem when travelling many miles across a dozen different weathers with minimal space. You need a campervan that can accommodate lots of luggage as you will need more luggage than the standard two week holiday abroad! You’ll probably be on the road for such a long time that you’ll end up taking a lot of luggage with you. Unlike usual holidays, you’ll need to also take items with you such as dishes, bedding, food and heating and cleaning supplies! Utilise the space well by using storage under the seats, under beds and building some shelving high up to make the most of what you have, storage-wise.

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