Ever Wondered How A Car Is Scrapped?

It is hard to believe that I have had my ‘new’ wheels for almost a year! I guess really, my car really shouldn’t be labelled as ‘new’ any more, but after having my beloved X-Type for 8 years, there is still a very much needed adjustment period!

Knowing that my ‘old’ car was going on to a nice new home made the whole transition an awful lot easier. I shall admit, tough cookie me, even shed a tear when I was leaving the forecourt in the new car. The end of an era and the beginning of drifting around town in a more sensible family car. The loss of over 100bph is still very noticeable to this day, but hey ho, I have to keep telling myself it is more economical!

I was watching a programme on Sky the other day about the scrapping of cars (clearly I was in a random mood!) and it got me thinking about what has happened to the X Type – thinking it could possibly be scrapped or already have been is heartbreaking… so I turned the programme over to Dinner Date, a current guilty pleasure.

However, if you really are as random as I am and would actually like to know about the car scrapping process, this infographic from CJ Metals is easy to follow!


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