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Family Fun At Pizza Express With Ice Age

by MM
Pizza Express

Returning from holiday to an empty fridge can be problematic, unless the lovely people at Pizza Express invite you for a meal for the day after you return from holiday!

To celebrate the release of the new Ice Age Collision Course movie, Pizza Express have launched a new Ice Age activity sheet included with the Piccolo menu to keep children entertained whilst dining at their restaurants nationwide.

Pizza Express

Having never taken Mini Me to our local Pizza Express before, it was refreshing to look over the amazing children’s menu, offering 3 courses for only £6.95. I found this to be very reasonable and Mini Me was suitably stuffed by the time we left… which with children… never happens, as there is always room for more chocolate!

Pizza Express

After choosing what to eat, Mini Me got stuck in with the activity sheet and stickers that are included too. The sheet was fun, colourful and seriously engaging… and even I had a chance to join in too! With fun facts to learn about ingredients used to make the food you order, there are also chances to win awesome prizes every week before 16th September 2016 – with the main prize being a Family trip to Hollywood and VIP tour of the world famous Fox Studios.

I was super impressed with the children’s menu, with lots of healthy options to choose from including: Dough Balls served with bright and crunchy vegetables, pizza or pasta, a delicious dessert and a Bambinoccino. I am a total advocate of salad and vegetables being included with meals without having to ask – even I found myself plumping for the healthier options too!

Pizza Express

In all fairness, I have never seen Mini Me eat a pizza as quickly as she ate her Pollo pizza (chicken pizza) which she said was absolutely delicious… it may have had something to do with the fact she wanted to crack on with the activity sheet!

Pizza Express

Our very awesome server Mauro certainly made the whole experience much more fun and offered fantastic advice on the food choices… by the time we knew it, an hour and a half had flown by and we could have happily stayed longer!

Pizza Express

The food was amazing and just what we needed on our return home and I shall certainly be taking Mini Me back down to the restaurant again very soon. Albeit the Ice Age activity sheet maybe coming to an end in the restaurants, other activity sheets are available for children and even Pizza Making parties for something a little different. Pizza Express is certainly a family friendly chain of restaurants offering very reasonably priced, super yummy meals!

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