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Fun Activities to Incorporate into Your Health & Fitness Regime

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Fun Activities to Incorporate into Your Health & Fitness Regime

Although many people love going to the gym or enjoy other conventional fitness activities, it’s not for everyone. If you’re looking for something a bit more unique, the following activities — from laser tag to martial arts — will provide you with some exciting options.

No matter how committed you are to losing weight or generally improving your fitness, regular workouts can become mundane if they’re repetitive and unappealing. Implementing a few fun activities into your fitness regime can be a brilliant motivator and benefit both your physical and mental health.

In this post, we’ll list a few activities that offer more in the way of fun, excitement, and unique qualities that other sports fail to provide.


Although bicycles were invented way back in the early 1800s, cycling is still one of the most popular leisure activities today. Not only does it provide a fantastic workout for your legs, arms, and cardiovascular system, but you can also cover large distances on varied terrain without experiencing the same fatigue as you would on foot. This means that you can ride your bike for longer periods and benefit from a lengthier workout, as well as enjoy the sights and sounds of a range of surroundings.

Fun Activities to Incorporate into Your Health & Fitness Regime

Martial Arts

Martial arts achieved widespread popularity thanks to big names such as Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan, but today, it’s one of the most exciting and popular forms of exercise. With so many different disciplines to choose from, it’s become a lot easier when it comes to finding something to suit your needs and fitness goals. If you’re looking for intense cardio and a full-body workout, you can’t go wrong with a boxing or kickboxing class, which shouldn’t be difficult to find in your local area, thanks to the massive popularity of UFC.


Fancy yourself as the next Serena Williams or Andy Murray? Or do you just want a new hobby to sink your teeth into? Tennis is one of the UK’s most adored sports and an activity that requires time and effort to become skilled at. Although a tennis court is relatively small, the need to move rapidly in every direction at a moment’s notice, combined with the intensity of long rallies, ensures that a few games of tennis will be more than enough to burn off some excess calories.

Laser Tag

Now for something a bit more niche and modern. If you enjoy competitive team sports with a combative nature, you’ll love laser tag! No, not the laser tag of old — which consisted of a small room with lots of flashing lights and aliens. Modern laser tag provides players with an immersive experience that’s impossible to rival. From the engaging team tactics and high-spec weapons to the enormous woodland battlefield environment, laser tag really does have it all.

But how will this get you in shape? The answer: “how won’t it get you in shape?” With so much running around, ducking behind cover and climbing obstacles, your body will be firing on all cylinders the entire time. Laser tag for kids is also an ideal way to introduce your children to an activity that’s good fun and great exercise.

Fun Activities to Incorporate into Your Health & Fitness Regime


In recent years, many fitness trends have hit the heights of popularity and maintained a loyal following, one of which is yoga. For some, yoga may seem like more of a novelty or niche activity for spiritual folk, but the truth is that it’s a brilliant way to improve your strength, flexibility and overall athletic performance. It’s also proved to be hugely beneficial to people who suffer from anxiety, stress and other mental health issues, as it allows you to put your body and mind into a relaxed state. Namaste!

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