Getting Into The Christmas Spirit

If you didn’t already know, Christmas is exactly 2 weeks away today! Exciting and yet ridiculously scary. I am already starting to panic that I don’ have enough Christmas presents and that I have missed someone out completely! Having a few extra ‘just in case’ presents dotted around always come in very handy!

I suppose I had best crack on with wrapping presents and writing cards this weekend and gee myself up into a Christmas frenzy!


With Christmas songs ringing out on full blast in shops and commercial breaks on the television being flooded with Christmas adverts… all conversation has been about what is the most popular Christmas TV advert of the year and what is the ultimate Christmas song.

Kudos to the creative agencies such as RPM Ltd, who must spend months deciding what is going to appeal to everyone. Maybe I am becoming more Scrooge like in my old age but I am not a fan of the Sainsburys advert (I dislike cats!) and the John Lewis advert didn’t pull at my heart strings… however I did love the ASDA advert! The two rather cute dogs in knitted jumpers… as a dog lover, what is not to love! Without a creative bone in my body though, whether I like Christmas adverts or not, I am rather jealous of the people who make them become a reality!

As for favourite Christmas songs, maybe my romantic side is outweighing my Scrooge like side… I do love Wham ‘Last Christmas’, I don’t think there has ever been a Wham tune that I haven’t enjoyed. It seems to be a tune that annoys everyone I know though… *presses the repeat button* 😉

Christmas will be awesome this year, the tree is up and decorated, I stocked up on more decorations earlier and I have a feeling Mini Me will be spreading the remaining tinsel around the house… I expect the dog will be hiding. You can also guarantee that Wham will be on in the background!

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