Getting Ready For that Big Moving Day

Getting ready to move offices can be a lot more complicated than moving house and usually requires the services of a top international removals company. They key, though, is preparation and making sure than everything on your checklist is, well, checked. Here’s a guide to make sure your office move goes smoothly.

Checklist to Make Sure Your Office or Business Move Goes Well

  • Create a thorough moving schedule and accurate time frame.
  • Create a communications plan to inform suppliers, customers, staff and any other relevant parties about your office move.
  • Make a detailed list of tasks to be assigned to various individuals in the company.
  • If you’re moving a large company or office set up, create a moving committee who will help to arrange the move and keep everything on track.
  • Book a top international removals company.
  • Let your employees know about the move and try to get them involved with the move. Ensure that they understand their individual roles and what can be expected of them – such as packing up their own cubicle or archiving files.

The Next Steps For Your Big Office Move

Once you have all the basics in place to help your office move go smoothly, follow these points:

  • Establish your new office or building set-up and outlay. Be sure that you know ahead of time where the offices are going to be and where equipment will need to be installed.
  • If you have not already booked a leading international removals company for your move, get quotes, check references and book the company.
  • Contact all your current service providers to let them know about the big move.
  • Ensure that any new service providers have booked installation dates. Remember to include fax lines, telephone lines, Internet access, couriers, postal services, hydro and any other relevant services.
  • If you’re going to need special technical help for the office move and help with installing equipment like computer networks; photocopiers and special telephone services; be sure to book these way in advance so that everything is up and running flawlessly on the day that you move in.
  • Be sure to establish a thorough and clear packing schedule. Figure out what can be packed beforehand and what should be packed very last, just before the move. Your top international removals company will be able to advise you in this area.

Time to Start Packing

Once it’s time to start getting ready to move:

  • Buy packing supplies and the appropriate boxes for different items.
  • Give your employees clear packing instructions, or give instructions to the removals company.
  • Make sure every box is properly labelled and securely packed with details such as office location, content and importance.
  • Get the furniture ready for moving and label each piece to ensure it arrives in the right area at the new offices. Number or label the areas at the new location on a blueprint map and give the furniture corresponding numbers according to the map. This way the movers will know where to place furniture, boxes and other equipment.
  • Make sure all equipment has been properly prepared before the move. Remember to remove any liquids and make sure removable parts are properly packed and clearly labelled. If you’re unsure of how to pack equipment, it’s worth hiring a technical specialist or contacting the manufacturer for advice.

Finally, avoid any further charges from your top international removals company by finding out beforehand where the moving truck can park to load everything at the old offices and where it will be able to unload at the new office location. Remember to let surrounding businesses know of the big move in case you’re going to be blocking entrances for a period of time or taking up additional parking spaces on moving day.

Image by Kevin Yank.

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