Giveaway: Win A Foxy Pants Game From Drumond Park

Giveaway: Win A Foxy Pants Game From Drumond Park

I am delighted to be able to spread the Christmas cheer and bring you another fantastic Drumond Park giveaway on Manchester Mummy.

Drumond Park games are a huge hit in our house and do make for the perfect gift to give children this Christmas. Manchester Mummy is giving away a Foxy Pants game, perfect for children over the age of 4 years and a great family game to play. Will you be able to outsmart the foxy fox and rescue all the chickens in his pockets… and by doing so also beat your opponents?

A game of skill, speed and quick thinking… ‘catch the fox and save the flock!’

Win a Foxy Pants Game

Decorating the fox and the dice with the included stickers before the game can commence is a fun way to build up anticipation for the game, before the fun commences! Make sure you position the game in an area with lots of space, as the 21 chickens will escape all over!

The game starts by preparing the fox by simply lifting up the fox’s arms, turning him upside down and pulling out the cloth pants. Pull these up over the fox’s body and push the fox’s arms back down until they click back in place and stand the fox in the middle of the table.

The player who can give the best chicken impression starts the game, so make sure you have your video ready for the occasion! Roll the dice to see how many chickens you need to place in the fox’s cloth pockets. Then press the fox’s head down until a clicking noise is heard, if nothing happens then the game continues with the next player.

When the fox is ready to unleash the chicken, his trousers will whip back when his head has been pressed enough times and all the chickens will escape around you. Be the first player to fill your coop (game card with 5 spaces for chickens) and claim your spot as the Foxy Pants game winner!

Win a Foxy Pants Game

The Foxy Pants Game is fun and fast paced, and laughter is guaranteed! A proper treat and a fantastic Christmas Gift idea and for family fun on the big day and beyond! With so few parts, it’s easy to clear up and keep tidy with the added bonus that batteries are not required!

The Foxy Pants game has an RRP of £22.99 and is available to buy from Amazon and toy retailers such as Smyths.

For your chance to win a copy of the Foxy Pants game from Drumond Park, simply enter using the Gleam form below and don’t forget to answer the question by leaving a blog comment!

Foxy Pants Giveaway Manchester Mummy

Giveaway ends at midnight on Sunday 2nd December 2018.
One winning entry will be drawn at random by Gleam.
The winner will be notified within 48 hours of the giveaway ending and a UK postal address to send to the official agent to arrange delivery of the prize will be required by the winners.
The one winner will receive 1 X Foxy Pants Game from Drumond Park.
Open to entrants in the UK only.
The prize is non-refundable and no cash alternative will be offered.

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  1. Tracy Nixon

    A traditional turkey dinner with Brussels sprouts etc. My mam always makes a trifle too, so I’ll have a bowl of that. Oh an some chocolates and homemade gingerbread men (as I am not keen on Christmas cake or mince pies!)

  2. Rich Tyler

    Wine, baileys, lots of it!

  3. Andy W

    Nothing special, just a standard Christmas dinner

  4. Zoe C

    Roast dinner, and lots of chocolate treats!

  5. James McLaughlin

    Sherry trifle and Christmas pudding for us on Christmas Day as we like to keep it traditional.

  6. Justine Meyer

    We will be having roast beef dinner and lots of chocolates in between

  7. ribbo

    Christmas Turkey and all the trimmings with Christmas Amaretti trifle to follow for me 🙂

  8. Cara Holmes

    pastries for brekfast, turkey dinner and party food tea with lots of chocolate in between

  9. Kim Neville

    A delicious Christmas dinner then Lindt praline chocolates

  10. Karen Barrett

    We are having roast beef and yorkies with all the trimmings

  11. Jackie Howell

    Roast Turkey Dinner with all the trimmings but for pud this year we are having Yule Log

  12. Jamie Piper

    roast beef and parsnips

  13. Andrew Hindley

    Roast Turkey dinner with all of the trimmings followed by Christmas pudding with Brandy sauce

  14. Tracy Clark

    We have the same 3 bird roast from Lidl every year on Christmas day

  15. Katie b

    Traditional roast cooked bt mum with all the family!

  16. olivia Kirby

    We have a turkey and all the usual trimmings, but always including Yorkshire puddings, yum! And lots of sprouts!

  17. Margaret GALLAGHER

    Turkey ham and lamb and all the trimmings – hugh family and we’re never quite sure how many family members will make it – nothing goes to waste

  18. Jodie a Green

    As long as i get my mince pies im happy!! We always have a traditional roast followed by Christmas pud with brandy sauce

  19. Michael Thompson


  20. Alana Walker

    We always have bacon sandwiches and bucks fizz on Christmas morning, followed by the traditional Christmas dinner later on. Plus lots of chocs in between!x

  21. Anthony Harrington

    a vegetarian alternative with the roast potatoes and veg

  22. Adrienne McGroder

    Traditional Christmas dinner and Christmas pudding! And a few drinks and sweets!


    i love turkey and pigs in blankets at christmas x


    Roast Turkey and Roast Beef with all the trimmings as some dont like Turkey too much. For me, pigs in blankets are what i look forward too.

  25. Natalie Crossan

    We have lamb because none of us like turkey – special treats? Well, I do like a mince pie or 5

  26. Solange

    Roast turkey with all the trimmings.

  27. iain maciver

    just the usual turkey with all the trimmings

  28. Laura Banks

    turkey with all the trimming and a lot of choclates and snacks

  29. Shelley Jessup

    I love stuffing with turkey so lots of that for me! We do have chocolates with our coffee mid afternoon & always champagne is flowing on Christmas day!

  30. Sue Bowden

    Turkey with all the trimming, cooked by him indoors.

  31. Alice Dixon

    I’m cooking, we’ll be having a big roast dinner with a few different meats and a range of desserts too. Then crisps, nibbles and crackers and cheese for tea later in the evening.

  32. Nina

    All the trimmings with the turkey are our treats…pigs in blankets, cauliflower cheese, cranberry sauce….hungry just thinking about it!!!

  33. Catherine McAlinden

    Pizza, as I’m a veggie who hates roasts!

  34. S Edwards

    Pigs in blankets yummy

  35. Jean Cassell

    Full roast I expect, but the treat is I’m not cooking as we’re going to our daughters this year

  36. Ray Becker

    Turkey & trimmings

  37. laura milton

    We always have a turkey roast dinner with all the trimmings but we do start the morning with tea and toast and of course a couple of treats from selection boxes!

  38. Helen Tovell

    A traditional roast turkey with all the trimmings with steam sponge for pudding as not all of us like Christmas pudding

  39. Liam Bishop

    Deffo Turkey but most of all sprouts! I love them!

  40. Soozybee

    Leg of lamb for us 🙂

  41. Louise Reeks

    Roast beef with all the trimmings


    roast beef and all the trimmings

  43. Laura Turner

    Considering doing a nut roast year just for a change.

  44. Tony Metcalfe

    A very traditional Christmas dinner, roast turkey and all the trimmings.

  45. leanne weir

    A huge bird with all the trimmings

  46. Lesley Bradley

    A traditional turkey dinner. For me, the best bit of Christmas is the cheeseboard and homemade pickles!

  47. Fozia Akhtar

    Christmas cake

  48. Nicola Marshall

    We will be having a roast beef dinner and lots of nibbles in between.

  49. Jackie

    My treat is that my daughter will cook, she is cooking me a vegetarian alternative to turkey.

  50. Amy Bondoc

    other than the mains we have a trdition of cherry trifle which i must say i look forward to the most

  51. Andrea Fletcher

    We are having turkey and all the trimmings and christmas pudding.

  52. Abby P

    I’ve recently stopped eating meat so I’m not sure what I’ll eat this year!


    We will be having chicken, vegetables and potatoes

  54. Diana

    Roast Turkey! Best treat! ;D hopefully I’ll get some Christmas chocolates too 🙂

  55. Danielle Pooley

    Traditional Christmas dinner with all the trimmings! Then an evening of baileys & chocolate

  56. Rachel Butterworth

    Just the usual. Turkey, veg and pigs in blankets. We will try and pick up a special dessert though.

  57. Susan Trubey

    Roast turkey and home made cranberry sauce.

  58. Victoria Lovell

    Turkey and all the trimmings.

  59. Melissa Lee

    Nothing too unusual – definitely a huge pile of roast potatoes though!

  60. Helen Porter

    nothing exciting really just a roast dinner with my favourites pigs in blankets and sausage meat my favourite meal of the year!

  61. Leanne Newsome

    We are having turkey & beef with all the trimmings followed by chocolate cake and cream

  62. Clare Hubbard

    I’m looking forward to a traditional turkey dinner and Christmas pudding

  63. Linda McGarrigle

    We will be having Turkey drumsticks chips and beans lol no lie, the kids just wont go near the big christmas dinner, they will however devour trifle and gateaux at an astonishing rate lol

  64. Stacey Turner

    Christmas dinner, Followed by ferrero Rocher and guylian chocolates most probably

  65. Sophie Williams

    Not sure yet, never turkey, always sprouts though!

  66. katrina walsh

    roast beef and crispy roasties

  67. Sally Collingwood

    We like roast beef

  68. Linda Ford

    We have roast chicken, veg, potatoes, Yorkshire pudding and pigs in blankets, followed by chocolate Yule log!

  69. Samantha Duffield

    Got to be a huge Xhristmas dinner and maybe chocolate. I’m on a night shift 7pm-7am Christmas Eve into Christmas Day so hope i’m in the mood for food and not too tired!

  70. Keith Hunt

    We will have the meal on boxing day as the wife is on duty with filters of different meats and vegetern bits as the family are a pain.

  71. desiree

    not sure yet probly turkey and potatoe salad and mac salad and pie

  72. Angie McDonald

    We’ll be eating pork and beef

  73. Mark Bradbury

    Roast dinner Christmas Pudding

  74. Kay Sherman

    Roast dinner with loads of chocolate and cheeses

  75. Christine Taylor

    We’ll be having a Traditional Turkey dinner with all the trimmings x

  76. Angela Muir

    It will be turkey and all the trimmings and a variety of puddings

  77. Katrina Adams

    We start off with a full English breakfast in the morning and then a late lunch, which will be a traditional Turkey dinner and loads of veg. In the evening we normally just snack on whatever we fancy. I can’t wait!

  78. Jade Hewlett

    We will have turkey with all the trimmings and maybe a chocolate gateau for dessert

  79. Ursula Hunt

    This year we are having a change from turkey and going for venison with cranberry and port stuffing

  80. Ashleigh Allan

    Turkey and the trimmings

  81. Claire Nutman

    My little treat is a whole salmon, that i bake in the oven as an extra on the table….

  82. Geri Gregg

    Turkey dinner and can’t be forgetting the pigs in blankets

  83. Kim Carberry

    We will be having turkey with all the trimmings x

  84. Michelle Ferguson

    Turkey with all the trimmings and lots of chocolate

  85. Lynn Neal

    A lovely Christmas dinner with all the trimmings and Christmas pudding too!


    Roast dinner and lots of chocolate

  87. hannah igoe

    I am not sure as my mum is cooking but we do always have pigs in blankets

  88. Elzbieta Znyk

    Turkey and pigs in the blankets.

  89. Tracy Newton

    Turkey with all the trimmings

  90. Jade Jones

    3 bird roast with all the trimmings

  91. Liz Pibworth

    Turkey with all the works

  92. Lyndsey Cooksey

    Not so much particular treats, more like our traditions! We always have a cherry coke ham with turkey, a date and walnut Christmas pudding and have to have brandy snaps! Have done for many years!

  93. Laura Bryant

    Lamb as not keen on turkey

  94. Rebecca Mercer

    we’re having a buffet this year, lots of turkey sandwiches

  95. Peter Watson

    Roast goose for us on Christmas Day.

  96. john prendergast

    turkey and ham roast with lots of alcohol to wash it down

  97. Susan Lloyd

    Roast turkey then loads of chocolate and cheese x

  98. Jo Hutchings

    A traditional roast dinner with lots of chocolate throughout the day as treats.

  99. Sean eccles

    We don’t like turkey we are having gammon pork beef and lamb with all the trimmings yummy 🙂

  100. Samantha O'D

    Not a fan of turkey so we are having lamb and all the trimmings

  101. Mark R

    A turkey crown with all the trimmings, then salted caramel cheesecake as no one is big fan of Christmas pud.

  102. Megan Williams

    We normally go for salmon and eggs for breakfast and of course the turkey dinner as well as any other goodies possible before being completely stuffed!

  103. Rachel Frances

    Roas goose for christmas

  104. Ruth Harwood

    Christmas day is sitting with the family stuffing ourselves with chocolate with no guilt at all!!

  105. Karen Langridge

    I will be having a lovely Christmas dinner, then probably stuffing my face with trifle, mince pies and chocolates in between! Roll on the Christmas calories lol x

  106. Karen Stirling

    Chocolate truffles.

  107. Sandra Foreman

    This year having a meal out with family will be nice to all be able to relax instead of running around, will definitely make sure the people who are serving will be treated

  108. Jo m welsh

    I am looking forward to my homemade Christmas cake

  109. Laura Pyper

    turkey with all the trimmings,yum…..

  110. Susan B

    It will be a vegetarian Christmas meal followed by pavlova or trifle.

  111. Debbie Finnerty

    We have pancakes and muffins for breakfast then the traditional turkey & trimmings with a cake or trifle for after. Later in the evening we have a cheese board it is just pure gluttony!

  112. Isabell Whitenstall

    We will be going to our sons at Christmas and he hasn’t decided what we will be having for christmas lunch yet. His wife always does us scrambled egg and salmon for breakfast though

  113. Hannah Rowley

    Christmas dinner will be turkey and all the trimmings in our house

  114. Angela treadway

    chicken and bacon joint, yummy x

  115. tracy bolton

    we love homemade hot chocolate fudge pudding after lunch

  116. Laura Wheatley

    gotta be xmas dinner with everything – stuffing yorkshire puddings pigs in blankets

  117. Helen Grayson

    Always cheese and biscuits

  118. Lorna Ledger

    Christmas Dinner, it’s my favourite meal of the year! thanks for the chance

  119. kimberley ryan

    Roast and all the trimmings, undecided on the roast at the moment .. lots of fancy desserts 🙂

  120. Claire Woods

    Am vegetarian so nut roast for me. Always have some chocolate.

  121. Tee Simpson

    Probably a lamb dinner with all the trimmings and drink and a special desert from Iceland I think.

  122. Michelle Smith

    Turkey roast dinner with all the trimmings then a Christmas pudding.

  123. stephen holman

    we’ll have a traditional roast dinner – apart from we prefer chicken to turkey.

    and pigs in blankets are my favourite part!

  124. Nicola Dow

    Roast beef for us. I don’t like turkey.

  125. Sally T

    traditional turkey for us even though I would rather just have a plate of pigs in blankets!

  126. emily

    Turkey and all the trimmings followed by toffee and pecan roulade

  127. Christina Palmer

    Roast turkey, roasted potatoes, Brussels, carrots, Yorkshire’s, parsnips but no pigs in blankets for me. Oh yes of course stuffing ( forgot that one)

  128. Sam Parkes

    Xmas Dinner with all the trimmings then for tea it’ll be leftover turkey and bread pudding rolls yummy

  129. Chris Andrews

    l’m hoping we’ll have Christmas dinner with all the trimmings, as we are going to my sons

  130. stephanie


  131. Christine Caple

    We will be having the usual turkey dinner with all the trimmings, our favourite!

  132. Rachel Craig

    Soup, Potatoes, sprouts, carrots, turkey, trifle :- most likely / probably.

  133. Emma Fox

    We will be having a traditional turkey Christmas dinner. As we don’t like Christmas pudding we will be having a chocolate cake and cheese and biscuits 🙂

  134. Emma Howard

    Roast with all the trimmings and my mum’s homemade Christmas cake to finish


    Traditional turkey and trimmings, with a home made yule log for afters as we don’t like Christmas pud

  136. Nikki Stewart

    It’s always a traditional turkey dinner in our house, nothing beats it! x

  137. Angela Sharp

    Roast turkey with lots of stuffing! Pigs in blankets are a must

  138. Karen K

    We are going to family so not sure what will be for Christmas Dinner, but I’m hoping there will be Quality Street at some point! x

  139. MARION Hill

    I will be having Christmas dinner on Christmas eve so Christmas day dinner will consist of lots of picky bits turkey sandwiches and lots and lots of chocolate 🙂

  140. Gemma Clark

    My other halves seafood cocktail for starters then my turkey roast with all the trimmings followed by something chocolaty

  141. Nick Hubbard

    Roast turkey and all the trimmings

  142. Dale Dow

    My boys have requested Turkey and Gammon

  143. Robyn Clarke

    Christmas dinner minus the turkey, everyone has finally admitted that they do not enjoy it.

  144. Sarah Mcknight

    Lots of wine and a lovely christmas dinner 🙂

  145. Emily Hutchinson

    A traditional Christmas dinner

  146. Julie eley

    I’ll be having nut roast but the family will be having turkey.

  147. claire griffiths

    christmas dinner with all the trimmings christmas pudding and double cream

  148. Allan Fullarton

    Traditional Roast Turkey Dinner.

  149. Joanne Welsh

    Soup, Turkey dinner with all the trimmings (well the ones I like anyway), a yummy dessert. And my traditional big box of maltesers while i’m watching Emmerdale hopefully

  150. Sarah Rees

    We are having a Christmas dinner with all the trimmings

  151. sheri Darby

    Roast Beef with roast potatoes, yorkshire pudding and no sprouts

  152. Lydia Graham

    A traditional roast but with chicken & beef instead of turkey. We’ll have several homemade treats on the day including homemade chestnut & cranberry stuffing, pigs in blankets & my 13 year old’s chocolate pudding

  153. Claire Appleton

    Instead of the traditional carved meat were having homemade pies with all the trimmings 🙂

  154. Sara McClellan

    Turkey roast for me and my boys! A vegetarian version for my husband, how about you?


    Just the usual christmas dinner at my sons house


    Roast pork for the meat eaters and quorn roast for the veggies amongst us.

  157. Angela Kelly

    The usual Christmas dinner, followed by something chocolatey (I don’t like Christmas pudding.)

  158. Gary Topley

    A nice Christmas Dinner. Thankyou for the competition x

  159. Susan Willshee

    I’m vegetarian and gluten free so my Christmas dinner tends to consist of loads of veg. I cook turkey for the family but they have to put up with gluten free gravy and gluten free yorkshire puds (just because I love them!)

  160. Louise Mc

    roast beef and all the trimmings

  161. katie w

    traditional turkey dinner with all the trimmings

  162. Caroline Bourne

    Definitely Turkey dinner and then lots of yummy puddings

  163. Jade Bremner

    Turkey, beef and tonnes of pigs in blankets and roast potatoes

  164. Katie Walker

    I think I am having a mushroom wellington although we are not sure yet.

  165. donnal jones

    roast turkey dinner and lots of chocolate goodies

  166. Christopher Read

    I’ll be eating lots and lots of Quality Street 🙂

  167. Emma Livesey

    Cheese and crackers!

  168. ellie spider

    all the cheeses! I love cheese but it doesnt love me back so I dont eat as much as i would like but christmas day i intend on trying everything on the cheese board 😀

  169. Kim clark

    Turkey and all the trimmings. I actually can’t wait. We only have turkey at Xmas and it’s my fav

  170. Danielle Graves

    We havent really decided yet, i think it will be gammon or beef though

  171. Adrian Bold

    My all time favourite thing about Christmas is Pigs in Blankets with the main meal. I love bacon!

  172. Simon Knuckey

    Roast Turkey And Plenty SPROUTS

  173. Cerys John

    Christmas turkey dinner 🙂

  174. Emma Davison

    Turkey and the trimmings then mum’s homemade Xmas pudding

  175. charlotte wilde

    a lovely home made christmas pudding made by my equally lovely husband!

  176. Allan Wilson

    Roast Beef and Roast Ham

  177. paula cheadle

    roast Turkey and all the trimmings

  178. sharon martin

    will be having roast turkey with all the trimmings

  179. Hannah H

    Usual traditional turkey

  180. Sandra Fortune

    We usually have Christmas at our daughters house her hubby is a chef and usually does a roast of different meats plus some vegan and celiac desserts as my other daughter can’t have the norm it’s always yummy though

  181. MichelleD

    A Christmas dinner with all the trimmings but I always look forward to the buffet tea!

  182. Cathryn Crawshaw

    Turkey Dinner with all the trimmings, cheese board and christmas pud for pudding yummy – also a buffet tea

  183. Faye Reed

    Just the usual, Roast Turkey Dinner and a buffet in the evening.

  184. Charlotte G

    Turkey and plenty of alcohol!

  185. Katy Stevens

    We’re going to have a roast turkey with ALL of the trimmings. Can’t wait!

  186. Phillip Ross

    Lots of Christmas cake

  187. Jamie Millard

    turkey and all the trimmings. cheesecake to finish.

  188. Louise Clarke

    I’m cooking for the whole family this year, so my speciality is a baked alaska for after tea

  189. Aaron Milne

    Not decided yet

  190. Mandy Betts

    Christmas dinner plus lots of chocolate orange

  191. Eileen Tingle

    Nut roast with all the usual Christmas Day trimmings

  192. dana

    Turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce

  193. sarah morris

    Big turkey dinner

  194. sharon stanley

    I’ll be having the usual roast turkey. Looking forward to the pigs in blankets though as never do them with my sunday roast so it’s a special treat for me.

  195. Donna W

    An almost-traditional Christmas roast but with a mushroom wellington instead of turkey as I’m veggie. And hopefully lots of fizz!

  196. laura stewart

    roast turkey with all the trimmings x

  197. Kirsteen Mackay

    a Chocolate Yule Log

  198. Maria Jane Knight

    We have a turkey crown every Christmas with all the trimmings and everyone is expected to eat at least one sprout too!

  199. Lisa Pond

    Bacon sandwiches and bucks fizz for breakfast

  200. Jo Glasspool

    Turkey and all the trimmings.

  201. Kim d

    It’s turkey and the usual accompaniments followed by Christmas pudding. The delight this year, however, is that I don’t have to cook it.

  202. Natalie Jones

    Turkey and lots of sprouts

  203. Julia Kerr

    Extra roast potatoes with extra gravy – the biggest treat that there is!

  204. Hekna

    Traditional dinner with goose, so long as it arrives on time!

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