Giveaway: Win a Snotcha Game From Drumond Park

Hot off the heels of the fantastic ‘Who’s the Dude’ giveaway, Drumond Park are offering Manchester Mummy readers the chance to win another game from their fantastic range of board games to suit all family members.

Snotcha is a highly entertaining game, with a family focus and is aimed at children aged 5 years plus.


The aim of the action packed game is to be the only remaining player who has not been sneezed over! You will need to fill Snotcha with water before pay begins, make sure you have a towel to hand too!

Each player needs to spin the included spinner to find out how many times they need to push down on the top of Snotcha’s nose. Push down if you dare!


Each full push down on the nose will be met with giggle and anticipation as the tension builds as to when Snotcha will actually sneeze. Will you remain dry throughout the game or will you be on the receiving end of a full on sneeze.

Batteries are not included with the game, which requires 2 x AAA batteries, so definitely stock in up in time for Christmas. Snotcha has an RRP of £24.99 and is available at Amazon and toy retailers.

To be in with the chance of winning your very own Drumond Park Snotcha game, simply use the Gleam entry form below and ensure you answer the giveaway question by leaving a blog comment below.

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Snotcha Giveaway

Giveaway ends at midnight on Sunday 3rd December 2017.
One winning entry will be drawn at random by Gleam.
The winner will be notified within 48 hours of the giveaway ending.
The winner will receive 1 X Snotcha game from Drumond Park.
Open to UK residents only.
The prize is non-refundable and no cash alternative will be offered.


  1. Steven S says:

    Early start cooking all of the cold meats etc. and prepping the Xmas dinner as much as possible. We’ll then go for a walk and stop in at the pub before getting home and settling down. Reading the kids The Night Before Christmas will be the highlight just before bedtime.

  2. stephanie Campbell says:

    ive been doing elf on the shelf long before the tradition picked up popularity so on christmas eve we always send our elf packing and we have our christmas eve jammies (none of this box everyone does) our tradition goes back from when i was little. we all snuggle down with a hot chocolate and watch the snowman. i work in a toy shop so come christmas eve night you can imagine my desperate need for calm.

  3. Lindsey Stuart says:

    On Christmas eve, my partner, our daughter and I visit family and friends with their Christmas gifts, then we return home with a chippy 🙂 relax by the fire, then pop on our new PJ’S And each open one present before bed time 🙂

  4. Emily Henley says:

    We’ll be having a meal of “party food” and making our own traditions…it’s going to be our first and only Christmas just the two of us, as we normally spend it with family…this year we’re on our own as I don’t want to travel, our first baby is due in February!

  5. Alice Dixon says:

    Lots of Christmas nibbles, Christmas movie all snuggled up with hot chocolates, and a Christmas Eve box for the kids to open with new pyjamas and bedtime story in

  6. Denice says:

    We go to visit Santa’s grotto on Christmas Eve, then it’s a good family film, usually elf and lots of hot chocolate and treats before heading back out to the Christmas Eve Church Service before back home and trying to get to sleep for Santa to come.

  7. Kayleigh Watkins says:

    I spend Christmas eve with my fiance and our three beautiful children, (it will be 8 month old Mollie’s 1st one) we always get in our new pj’s, watch a movie and have a take away, we also open the tubs of chocolates, when we have finished we leave santa milk and cookies and carrots for the reindeer before putting them to bed to wait for santa xxx

  8. jason wills says:

    i will be hanging stockings up with small toys in and a little dish with a piece of carrot for the reindeers and a mince pie and a can of lager for father christmas.

  9. Laura Avery says:

    Nice and relaxed , try and start dong everything in November wrapping and stuff, I suffer stress and anxiety so for me it’s a must to keep me calm.

  10. Laura Lee says:

    I love Christmas eve more than christmas day. We have lots of traditions for the day including baking and crafts and then we all go for a walk around our village to see all of the different lights around our house and watch for Santa. I dont want my boys to grown up 🙂

  11. Jodie A Green says:

    usually a christmas film with the kids, they leave santa his treats and go ff to bed, then its hard work for daddy and me making sure everything is wrapped and ready and the dinner is prepped 🙂

  12. sarah norris says:

    Unfortunatly I’ll be working, but we usually have a little pressie opening session before we all head off to bed so we have some nice jammies to wake up with on xmas morning.

  13. Sarah Lambert says:

    I will be spending with my three children watching Christmas films and Santa comes on our street to see the children

  14. Fiona Rennie says:

    It will just be me and my son this year as my partner will be offshore for work so will just be a snuggly night in before going to my mums on Christmas morning

  15. Catherine McAlinden says:

    We go for a drive to see Santa’s sleigh (near to airport so point out a random plane) and then go home to Christmas Eve boxes

  16. Iris Tilley says:

    This year I’m spending Christmas Eve at my daughter’s to watch my granddaughter open up her pressies on Christmas day

  17. Lisa Brignall says:

    Christmas Eve is spent tying up all the loose ends so that everything is done ready for the big day. We try to keep the children up late in the hope they will sleep in a bit longer!!!! They never do x

  18. Jennifer Bruce says:

    With baby number 2 due around 19th December we haven’t made any Christmas Eve plans, we’re just going to go with the flow!

  19. June Lord says:

    I’ll be letting the kids put out their plate for Santa and then problem spending hours last minute panic wrapping. It’s not an intentional tradition, but just always seems to happen that way however much I try and be organised.

  20. Emma Jones says:

    We do small xmas eve bags for the munchkins with things like new pjs in 🙂 then we do some baking, play family games and watch films in the evening 🙂

  21. Kim Styles says:

    wrapping presents probably ! we always run out of paper for the last few presents and have to buy more and constantly losing the end of the sellotape and have to buy more of that too !!

  22. cheryl hadfield says:

    We always spend xmas eve at home, preparing vegetables for xmas food, watching a xmas movie and eating a chin ese. we also have xmas eve boxes and new pjs

  23. AMANDA W says:

    ill be doing the usual with the kids, bath jamas, food and drink out for santa and the reindeers.. out into the garden to put his magic key and reindeer food out. then get the kids to bed and spend the next few hours building various toys and bringing down the gifts from the loft ready for the morning!

  24. Emma Fox says:

    I will be going to my sister’s house for a party and then will be helping to prepare veg for Christmas Day on Christmas Eve.

  25. Vicki Nicholls says:

    We always go to my best friend’s house, and have a drink and a few games before lunch. She has all her 3 grown up children, and 4 grandchildren there, as well as her parents and neighbour. It’s a tradition and a lovely lovely day.
    THen we come back and watch movies, with the fire lit.

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