Giveaway: Win a Snotcha Game From Drumond Park

Giveaway: Win a Snotcha Game From Drumond Park

Hot off the heels of the fantastic ‘Who’s the Dude’ giveaway, Drumond Park are offering Manchester Mummy readers the chance to win another game from their fantastic range of board games to suit all family members.

Snotcha is a highly entertaining game, with a family focus and is aimed at children aged 5 years plus.


The aim of the action packed game is to be the only remaining player who has not been sneezed over! You will need to fill Snotcha with water before pay begins, make sure you have a towel to hand too!

Each player needs to spin the included spinner to find out how many times they need to push down on the top of Snotcha’s nose. Push down if you dare!


Each full push down on the nose will be met with giggle and anticipation as the tension builds as to when Snotcha will actually sneeze. Will you remain dry throughout the game or will you be on the receiving end of a full on sneeze.

Batteries are not included with the game, which requires 2 x AAA batteries, so definitely stock in up in time for Christmas. Snotchaย has an RRP of ยฃ24.99 and is available atย Amazon and toy retailers.

To be in with the chance of winning your very own Drumond Park Snotcha game, simply use the Gleam entry form below and ensure you answer the giveaway question by leaving a blog comment below.

Head over to Sim’s Life to win a copy of Who’s The Dude from Drumond Park games.
Snotcha Giveaway

Giveaway ends at midnight on Sunday 3rd December 2017.
One winning entry will be drawn at random by Gleam.
The winner will be notified within 48 hours of the giveaway ending.
The winner will receiveย 1 X Snotcha game from Drumond Park.
Open to UK residents only.
The prize is non-refundable and no cash alternative will be offered.

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  1. Tracy Nixon

    We will be at home watching a movie and eating festive nibbles!

  2. Steven S

    Early start cooking all of the cold meats etc. and prepping the Xmas dinner as much as possible. We’ll then go for a walk and stop in at the pub before getting home and settling down. Reading the kids The Night Before Christmas will be the highlight just before bedtime.

  3. Dale Dow

    normally in panic wrapping gifts but I think this year I’m going to try the Christmas Eve boxes x

  4. Sarah Mackayw

    We always go to the Panto on Christmas Eve

  5. amy bondoc

    we spend the day baking and watch movies and play board games int he evening

  6. Becky Yeomans

    We just realx watching christmas films with loads of snacks!

  7. stephanie Campbell

    ive been doing elf on the shelf long before the tradition picked up popularity so on christmas eve we always send our elf packing and we have our christmas eve jammies (none of this box everyone does) our tradition goes back from when i was little. we all snuggle down with a hot chocolate and watch the snowman. i work in a toy shop so come christmas eve night you can imagine my desperate need for calm.

  8. Tony C

    Will be spending with my family. We normally all open a little present and eat too much!

  9. Tony Metcalfe

    Think we’ll be spending Christmas Day at my sisters.

  10. Corinne Henson

    Weather permitting we will probably go out for a walk then come backs and watch some Xmas movies and eat lots ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Jessica Powell

    Lots of last minute prepping for dinner, I expect. All the family’s coming to us this year. ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. iain maciver

    with the family watching films

  13. Lindsey Stuart

    On Christmas eve, my partner, our daughter and I visit family and friends with their Christmas gifts, then we return home with a chippy ๐Ÿ™‚ relax by the fire, then pop on our new PJ’S And each open one present before bed time ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Lauren Tourle

    we will be surrounded by family, prepping veg and singing Christmas songs ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Lorraine Stone

    We usually have a takeaway with Dad, and watch a Christmas film.

  16. Zoe C

    We watch Christmas film and I make some buffet food for nibbles, the kids love it

  17. Kristy Brown

    I will be working this year unfortunately

  18. Emily Henley

    We’ll be having a meal of “party food” and making our own traditions…it’s going to be our first and only Christmas just the two of us, as we normally spend it with family…this year we’re on our own as I don’t want to travel, our first baby is due in February!

  19. sarah mcvicar

    We always prep the veg together then naths, new pj’s a take away and movie

  20. Fiona

    We watch a film, eat nice food and leave a letter and snack out for Mr C.

  21. Christina Curtis

    Nibbles and Christmas Movies!

  22. laura stewart

    we watch christmas films, eat party food and leave thing out for santa x

  23. leanne weir

    In the pub in the afternoon, then wrapping prezzies at night!

  24. S Edwards

    yes we all sit and watch a Christmas Film together

  25. Ren Taylor

    .We get all the veg peeled and ready in saucepans and then snuggle up with the kids to watch a Xmas movie !

  26. Ray Becker

    Going to the in-laws down in deepest sussex

  27. funjustjustin

    Just a normal night for me

  28. Kim Neville

    We normally have a takeaway and my kids choose a present each to open after leaving treats for Santa

  29. Liam Bishop

    We always watch a Christmas movie and then stay up late with some nice wine and cheese.

  30. Lucy

    We have a takeaway and watch some films together ๐Ÿ™‚

  31. Chrissy Harris

    We have friends and family over for a buffet and play lots of games

  32. renae

    we always go ice skating then lunch out and home to a christmas movie afternoon before new PJ’s and bed

  33. joanna butler-savage

    church, milled wine and a film

  34. Clara B

    A nice meal out with my family

  35. Jenna Parrington

    A family party at our Nan’s house!

  36. Pauline Hill

    normal night nothing special

  37. Adrienne McGroder

    We meet up with friends and family for drinks and buffet, deliver presents and watch a family movie

  38. Alice Dixon

    Lots of Christmas nibbles, Christmas movie all snuggled up with hot chocolates, and a Christmas Eve box for the kids to open with new pyjamas and bedtime story in

  39. Ashleigh Allan

    With my husband and kids watching Christmas movies

  40. laura banks

    we have a buffet and play board games

  41. Gillian McClelland

    I like to watch elf home alone and then it’s a wonderful life an relax although some years I have still been wrapping presents on xmas eve

  42. Denice

    We go to visit Santa’s grotto on Christmas Eve, then it’s a good family film, usually elf and lots of hot chocolate and treats before heading back out to the Christmas Eve Church Service before back home and trying to get to sleep for Santa to come.

  43. Sarah Rees

    We watch Christmas films and watch Santa on Norad santa tracker

  44. Kayleigh Watkins

    I spend Christmas eve with my fiance and our three beautiful children, (it will be 8 month old Mollie’s 1st one) we always get in our new pj’s, watch a movie and have a take away, we also open the tubs of chocolates, when we have finished we leave santa milk and cookies and carrots for the reindeer before putting them to bed to wait for santa xxx

  45. jason wills

    i will be hanging stockings up with small toys in and a little dish with a piece of carrot for the reindeers and a mince pie and a can of lager for father christmas.

  46. Laura Avery

    Nice and relaxed , try and start dong everything in November wrapping and stuff, I suffer stress and anxiety so for me it’s a must to keep me calm.

  47. Hayley F

    I spend it over my parents house and my brother comes over aswell x

  48. Elzbieta Znyk

    I will be at work, so I will start celebrating Christmas from next day,

  49. bex allum

    We get cosy, feed the reindeer, leave a mince pie and carrot with milk out for Santa. Watch a film and have an early night.

  50. Laura Lee

    I love Christmas eve more than christmas day. We have lots of traditions for the day including baking and crafts and then we all go for a walk around our village to see all of the different lights around our house and watch for Santa. I dont want my boys to grown up ๐Ÿ™‚

  51. Margaret Gallagher

    Early Christmas eve mass with dad -one PRESENT each to open them bed waiting for santa

  52. Jodie A Green

    usually a christmas film with the kids, they leave santa his treats and go ff to bed, then its hard work for daddy and me making sure everything is wrapped and ready and the dinner is prepped ๐Ÿ™‚

  53. Solange

    Watching Christmas movies and then we go to Midnight Mass.

  54. Heather Hibbert

    Wrapping the last of the presents and winding down with a vodka or two!

  55. sarah norris

    Unfortunatly I’ll be working, but we usually have a little pressie opening session before we all head off to bed so we have some nice jammies to wake up with on xmas morning.

  56. Helen Tovell

    Wrapping the last few presents with the house all decorated with a glass of wine and festive music

  57. Sarah Lambert

    I will be spending with my three children watching Christmas films and Santa comes on our street to see the children

  58. Fiona Rennie

    It will just be me and my son this year as my partner will be offshore for work so will just be a snuggly night in before going to my mums on Christmas morning

  59. Catherine McAlinden

    We go for a drive to see Santa’s sleigh (near to airport so point out a random plane) and then go home to Christmas Eve boxes

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  61. Sarah Austin

    With the family and to the local church

  62. Iris Tilley

    This year I’m spending Christmas Eve at my daughter’s to watch my granddaughter open up her pressies on Christmas day

  63. Natalie Crossan

    At my mums house probably xx

  64. melanie stirling

    We always have a nice family evening meal together and then we’ll probably be still wrapping presents.

  65. Lisa Brignall

    Christmas Eve is spent tying up all the loose ends so that everything is done ready for the big day. We try to keep the children up late in the hope they will sleep in a bit longer!!!! They never do x

  66. Pippa Ainsworth

    The carol service at church then home and into new pyjamas before sprinkling reindeer dust, leaving a mince pie, carrot and drink out, then reading The Night Before Christmas

  67. Rebecca Smith

    we visit family then home for a takeaway pizza and Christmas movie

  68. Jessica Sawyer

    Christmas eve box and a film!

  69. hannah igoe

    we tend to go to the local carols by candlelight service which is always lovely

  70. Jennifer Bruce

    With baby number 2 due around 19th December we haven’t made any Christmas Eve plans, we’re just going to go with the flow!

  71. emma franklin

    We are going out for a family lunch and then probably an xmas movie in the evening

  72. Yet Another Blogging Mummy

    We like to go to the Christmas Crib service



  74. kelly mobbs

    This christmas eve i shall be in Tenerife, its the 3rd year running being away for xmas, its much less stressful.

  75. Sally Collingwood

    Usually have a supper with friends

  76. June Lord

    I’ll be letting the kids put out their plate for Santa and then problem spending hours last minute panic wrapping. It’s not an intentional tradition, but just always seems to happen that way however much I try and be organised.

  77. Robyn Clarke

    We usually have a Chinese takeaway and watch Christmas movies.

  78. Jade Hewlett

    We like to get chips from the chippy and walk around town eating them and looking at the Christmas lights.

  79. Rachel Butterworth

    Watching Christmas films in front of a roaring fire, with a big mug of hot chocolate.


    We go to my mums on Christmas eve, the family service at church and then back for a steak supper

  81. Emma Jones

    We do small xmas eve bags for the munchkins with things like new pjs in ๐Ÿ™‚ then we do some baking, play family games and watch films in the evening ๐Ÿ™‚

  82. Keith Hunt

    We are working and always take a break just before christmas

  83. craig austin

    friends on xmas eve family after

  84. Kim Styles

    wrapping presents probably ! we always run out of paper for the last few presents and have to buy more and constantly losing the end of the sellotape and have to buy more of that too !!

  85. leigh boyle

    we go to my mums and sleep there ready for santa x


    We will be spending the evening at home. Probably will have a takeaway and use the time to finish wrapping pressies!

  87. cheryl hadfield

    We always spend xmas eve at home, preparing vegetables for xmas food, watching a xmas movie and eating a chin ese. we also have xmas eve boxes and new pjs

  88. Kelly Hirst

    We haven’t made any plans yet but usually have family or friends round for drinks & nibbles

  89. Leila Benhamida

    Cuddling up on the sofa watching TV with a light buffet. I let my children open one present each.

  90. AMANDA W

    ill be doing the usual with the kids, bath jamas, food and drink out for santa and the reindeers.. out into the garden to put his magic key and reindeer food out. then get the kids to bed and spend the next few hours building various toys and bringing down the gifts from the loft ready for the morning!

  91. Sharon Williams

    We have a family games night and watch a xmas film

  92. Jo Hutchinson

    Last minute stocking filling

  93. Emma Fox

    I will be going to my sister’s house for a party and then will be helping to prepare veg for Christmas Day on Christmas Eve.

  94. jules eley

    we drink hot chocolate, eat marshmallows and watch The Santa claus…

  95. Amy Pest

    we are having out christmas day on christmas eve

  96. Kellie McIntyre

    We go as a family to pick the perfect tree……………argue and end up walking out with any old bloody tree!

  97. Tee Simpson

    With the family at home having a little party

  98. Sarah Briggs

    Relax and watch Christmas Films ๐Ÿ™‚

  99. Lisa Dolatowski

    On my own, I’m happy on my own

  100. Lynsey Buchanan

    I take my daughter to see a Pantomime on Christmas Eve its our tradition.

  101. christine taylor

    Every Christmas Eve we all stay in our new PJ’s and watch movies and eat snacks – its a nice family day for us x

  102. Vicki Nicholls

    We always go to my best friend’s house, and have a drink and a few games before lunch. She has all her 3 grown up children, and 4 grandchildren there, as well as her parents and neighbour. It’s a tradition and a lovely lovely day.
    THen we come back and watch movies, with the fire lit.

  103. Mel Turner

    Watching Christmas movies

  104. Mark Trythall

    All the family come round and con me in to buying everyone a take-away. I fall for it every year

  105. Jo Wakefield

    We have the family round, and watch Christmas movies whilst having a hot chocoate in our pjs

  106. Rachel Atkinson

    Christingle service and then a christmas eve buffet tea.

  107. Briony

    Christingle and extended family tea. Visiting Elf musical too.

  108. amanda walsh

    We always have family pizza and movie night on Christmas Eve

  109. Jo Glasspool

    We have xmas eve boxes and movie night.

  110. Sharon Lou Johnson

    with my mum in out new pj’s x

  111. Jemma Dwyer

    I’ve watched the muppets christmas carol every christmas eve since i was young so i’ll be doing that wrapping presents ๐Ÿ˜€

  112. kRIS

    We watch Elf

  113. Michelle Ferguson

    I will watch Christmas films with my hubby and might go to midnight mass

  114. James McLaughlin

    Christmas eve starts with Breakfast with Santa at the garden centre, followed by a couple of drinks at the pub. Then home for an xmas movie and to open christmas eve boxes.

  115. Clare Hubbard

    My boys open their Christmas Eve boxes and we usually watch Christmas films all day

  116. Simone Griffin

    We always make cinnamon rolls and watch Elf x

  117. Sharon powell

    We always put new pjs on and watch a Christmas film with treats ๐Ÿ™‚

  118. kate kathurima

    we spend it as a family

  119. Lisa Jackson

    We always buy new pyjamas for the kids. We eat something like pizza and have hot chocolate and snacks whilst we watch a Christmas movie

  120. Lyla

    We’ll probably crack open the egg-nog, nuts and chocs and watch a film or two

  121. Rich Tyler

    Watching ELF cuddled up on sofa!

  122. kelly L

    Watching Christmas movies and drinking hot chocolate!

  123. sammysjb2

    Watching my fave films the grinch and elf with slow cooked hot chocolate and marshmallows and baylies for the adults

  124. Allan Wilson

    Christmas Eve is spent in the town square around the Big Christmas Tree singing Carols.

  125. Jayne Kelsall

    I will be spending mine with my kids and family around, preparing the Turkay and Veg for Christmas Day, a party with my kids later on ( just because ! ) and mince pies and carrots along with reindeer dust sprinkled outside for Santa .x

  126. Michelle Stewart

    Visiting family eating drinking and games

  127. Rebecca Howells (@PeanutHog)

    Probably making mince pies and shortbread for the family!

  128. Natasha Mairs

    we always do a Christmas eve box with pjs in. and we watch a film before bed

  129. Sarah Pearce

    Daddy goes to the pub with Santa (collects presents from family),whilst the kids have a bath and go to bed early x

  130. Paula Phillips

    Lots of last minute packing, we cook the turkey, peel the veg and have a little tea party for the children before bed.

  131. kayleigh Robinson

    Every year, me my fella and two kids wear new pajamas, have a hot chocolate and watch Muppets Christmas Carol โค๏ธ

  132. Hayley Davies

    Eating,drinking and laughing.

  133. greig spencer

    panto on christmas eve

  134. Kat Allinson

    We make our Christmas gammon and prepare the veg for Christmas day and then open our Christmas Eve box and watch a movie. Once the kids are in bed we wrap presents and fill the stockings


    We all go for a walk along our local beach and throw stones into the sea with lost loved ones names on them. We think about all the Christmases past and then go home for mince pies and hot chocolate. It is something I look forward to and makes us feel like our loved ones are with us still.

  136. rachael jones

    normally a take away , a stroll with the pup and the usual milk and cookies for santa !

  137. pauline whittle

    we go out to buy the fruit and veg, then go to costa for mince pies and hot chocolate, then home to new pyjamas , baths and christmas films

  138. Toni W

    With a glass of wine and some Christmas nibbles….while I defrost the turkey!!!!

  139. Alex Telford

    We always watch Arthur Christmas on Christmas Eve.

  140. ellie spider

    We all have a bath r shower and change into new pjs, then its xmas movie and boar games with snacks before bed

  141. Patricia Avery

    very quietly at home with hubby. No grandchildren visiting this year so time to enjoy the peace and count our many blessings…….until we see them at New Year! ๐Ÿ™‚

  142. Ursula Hunt

    Christmas Eve will be spent at home, the children get new pyjamas and we put them on and watch a christmas film before bed


    At home listening to music and having a beer, will be visiting grandchildren xmas day

  144. francis lee

    i will be spending with family watching movies

  145. donna l jones

    we have a takeaway and watch a film

  146. Laura Corrall

    We will be spending Christmas eve with the in-laws and having a chinese. Our favourite tradition is elf on the shelf. I love the magic and wonder it brings for my girls.

  147. Jenny Jones

    we will have family round and have hot pork and stuffing sandwiches, mince pies and supping some mulled wine, the kids usually the board games out and play twister or have nerf wars lol

  148. Chris Bell

    We will be sitting down with the kids at 7pm and we will put on the snowman and have some nibbles as we have done for the past few years now!

  149. Emma Davison

    Quiet night at home

  150. Claire Appleton

    We watch Christmas movies and the kids enjoy their Christmas eve boxes that I put together for them ๐Ÿ™‚

  151. Sam cornford

    I’ll be tucked up in bed early as working Christmas Day.


    On Christmas Eve i will be spending it watching Movies and playing board games with my family.

  153. Claire Little

    we play Christmas games and watch a Christmas movie with our hot chocolate and wearing our new pj’s.

  154. Eliza James

    We all have new pjs and cuddle up in my bed to watch Xmas movies with hot chocolate and special biccies

  155. Jo McPherson

    We always watch White Christmas and Elf, have a couple of Snowballs and always open a present (new pyjamas)

  156. Alex Telford

    We watch Arthur Christmas and leave a Baileys &mince pie out for Father Christmas

  157. Donna Lawton

    We will spend it with my father in law

  158. katie w

    we have a kfc and go to midnight mass

  159. Lucy Robinson

    We will watch christmas movies. Have hot chocolate and all snuggle round the fire.

  160. EJ Dunn

    We will be driving up to my parents’ house and then watching Xmas films together.

  161. Kerry Taylor

    take away, followed by xmas movie, hot chocolate with the kids before bed

  162. Lesley Bradley

    Christmas Eve is lovely and relaxing for us, we’ll have a takeaway pizza and get some festive films on

  163. Sam Parkes

    Xmas eve is my favourite part of Xmas. Love all the magic and excitement starting with the elves bringing the Xmas eve boxes, making mince pies to going out and spotting Santa’s sleigh. We always finish the evening by watching the snowman

  164. jacqui rushton

    We have a tradition of opening presents after watching the Queen’s speech!

  165. paula cheadle

    we will all be at my eldest daughter’s, we always have a take away

  166. Tammy Stevenson

    We have some traditions on Christmas Eve, we bake santa’s cookies, take a walk as a family, comeback to our Christmas eve box which will have activities, a toy, bath items, PJ’s, snacks and a dvd. we will watch the dvd followed by a long fun bath before getting into our PJ’s and reading the story from the book advent. There’s lots of time in between everything for fun and games too.

  167. jamie Millard

    we normally go to my mum’s but with baby due in a week, our plans may be a bit different this year. i’d expect visitors here instead.

  168. Louise Clarke

    This Christmas eve i will spending it in an army camp as my partner has to work and we will be having dinner it the canteen

  169. Yvette D

    Love present wrapping in front of a Christmas movie with wine and mince pies

  170. joanne casey

    Hopefully most of the hard work is done by Christmas eve, we all get new pj’s and slippers and its hot chocolate with marshmellows and cream for the kids and baileys for the grown ups!

  171. Ruth Davies

    Family around and baking in the morning

  172. Jennifer Ball

    Depends how late husband ends up working, hopefully a nice meal and a good film ๐Ÿ™‚

  173. Rachel Butler

    We will be out delivering gifts then heading home to watch Christmas movies with popcorn and hot chocolate waiting for Santa! xo

  174. Allan Fullarton

    Watching Home Alone with the family.

  175. Emma Livesey

    Church and then home for a Christmas movie and hot chocolate

  176. Danielle Pooley

    We watch films in new pj’s, while drinking hot chocolate!

  177. Julie Edwards

    We don’t have any christmas eve traditions now our children are older.

  178. Esme mccrubb


  179. Danielle Graves

    Christmas Eve will be spent getting ready in new pjs having a picnic tea and watching a festive film to get everyone excited and then when everyone is in bed i will do the last minute wrapping and run out of sellotape

  180. sarah fielding

    Watching films with the family!

  181. Deborah Clarke

    A visit to the church Xmas eve is always magical. Fab giveaway would love to be your lucky winner

  182. carol boffey

    spend it with my son

  183. Kellie Bolton

    Watch a film as a family then get Santa and fge reindeer treats ready, sprinkle reindeer dust then kids off to bed while I have a cheeky glass (or 2) of wine with the Christmas songs on while I finish the wrapping and organising things for Xmas day

  184. Kyomi Johnson

    Watching Christmas films as a family

  185. ruth lee

    baking and watching films

  186. Charlotte Jones

    We go to my mum’s for dinner with the family

  187. Rachael O'Brien

    Normally with kids in bed and me panick wrapping and replacement of gifts under the tree !

  188. Sian Hallewell

    sadly no traditions, perhaps its time we made some.

  189. Joanna Ford

    At the Christmas markets in Vienna!

  190. Diana

    At home eating fish ๐Ÿ™‚

  191. KATie

    Making Mince Pies and cookies for Santa and sprinkling Raindeer dust

  192. Laura Blackburn

    A home with the family

  193. Alison Clark

    Cooking like a crazy woman !!!

  194. Amy Lambert

    in my pyjamas watching christmas films and drinking hot chocolate while finishing wrapping my presents!

  195. Gillian McClelland

    I will hopefully have all the presents wrapped, relaxing in new pyjamas watching Christmas films

  196. Karen Dixon

    Early to bed otherwise santa wont come!!

  197. Zoe Brown

    i still go to bed early spend the day cooking home made cheese straws and nibbles for christmas morning

  198. Tammy Neal

    Christmas movies but also open one present on Christmas eve xx

  199. Wendy Tolhurst

    We always attend the children’s service at our church on Christmas Eve and then usually have fish and chips from the local chippy for tea. We then spend the evening at home, watching a film together and then preparing the vegetables ready for Christmas Day.

  200. Kim Neville

    We normally get a takeaway, watch a film then my kids choose a present each to open after getting Santaโ€™s treats ready

  201. Christopher Read

    Go to the cinema

  202. Charlie Brunton

    Iโ€™m hosting Christmas at my house this year so Iโ€™ll be spending Christmas Eve cleaning & prepping anything I can that will save me time on Christmas Day!

  203. Joy Winn

    I,ll be picking my Dad up & bringing him to stay at my house for 3 days rather than be on his own,as it,s the first Christmas since Mum died.It,s going to be a strange time for us.

  204. Lisa Pond

    We go to nannas for a Chinese takeaway and then start prepping the Christmas day meal at home ๐Ÿ™‚

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