Giveaway: Win a Who’s The Dude Game From Drumond Park

Giveaway: Win a Who’s The Dude Game From Drumond Park

It’s about time we had a giveaway on Manchester Mummy and what better way to start the Christmas Countdown than with a Drumond Park giveaway!

Definitely one for the adults to enjoy over the festive period, new Who’s The Dude offers a different take on charades, complete with a blow up dude!

Who's the dude

Aimed at 3 – 8 players aged 16+, simply pick a card and start acting out the charade with the help of ‘the Dude’. These include charades such as ‘do the conga’ and ‘put on sunscreen’ alongside iconic movie moments too. Be as creative as you wish but make sure the Dude helps you with your charade! The game is different and made even more hilarious with the use of the life sized blow up Dude.

The contents of the game comprise: the inflatable Dude, 110 charade cards (440 charades) and 50 score sheets. The possibilities are endless when it comes to the numerous charade options available, so settle in with your friends and family, grab some drinks and munchies and make sure Christmas is full of laughter this year!

Who's the dude

The good news is that batteries are not needed, so as soon as the Dude is inflated, you can get straight into playing the game!

Who’s The Dude has an RRP of £24.99 and is available at Amazon and toy retailers.

To be in with the chance of winning your very own Drumond Park Who’s The Dude game, simply use the Gleam entry form below and ensure you answer the giveaway question by leaving a blog comment below.

Head over to Sim’s Life for the chance to win a Snotcha from Drumond Park.

Who’s The Dude Game

Giveaway ends at midnight on Sunday 5th November 2017.
One winning entry will be drawn at random by Gleam.
The winner will be notified within 48 hours of the giveaway ending.
The winner will receive 1 X Who’s The Dude game from Drumond Park.
Open to UK residents only.
The prize is non-refundable and no cash alternative will be offered.

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  1. Tracy Nixon

    My dad – he is hilarious when playing this game! We often play at Christmas!

  2. Ren Taylor

    I would choose my.sister as we think very similarly so would easily win !


    lulu – she’s so amazing

  4. Claire Glace

    I,d choose Superman, to come and rescue me!

  5. Chrissy Harris

    My sister – we are definitely on the same wave length and work well as a team

  6. Heather Haigh

    This looks hilarious, I’d choose my hubby as he is so funny at charades.

  7. laura banks

    my hubby im more likely to win if we are on the same team

  8. Sarah Rees

    I would choose my sister, we would have a good laugh

  9. Steph at Mental Parentals

    My husband, because he’s nuts and we know what each other is thinking

  10. Emily Henley

    I’d choose my sister – our brains seem to work in the same way, so I think we’d be a winning team!

  11. Tina Hewitt

    I would choose my daughter because we are so alike

  12. Ashleigh Allan

    My Hubbie he would help me win

  13. Anthony Harrington

    My Wife, we are both on the same wavelength

  14. Heather Hibbert

    Alan Carr – how funny would that be!

  15. Sarah Mackay

    My sister as we are on the same blonde level

  16. Solange

    My sister as we think the same.

  17. Kim Neville

    My OH as he is quick thinking at charades

  18. Sarah Carter

    my Fiance he is hilarious

  19. amy bondoc

    my daughter shes really good at this game!

  20. S Edwards

    My Wife she is more clever

  21. Graham Ross

    I would choose my brother as it would so funny

  22. Lauren Pilkington

    i would love to partner up with james corden. Hes so funny and we would have a right giggle x

  23. Amy Wright

    James Corden because he is so funny!

  24. Liam Bishop

    I’d want to win so I’d choose my wife, she knows me best!

  25. Helen Tovell

    I would pick James Cordon too as he would make it so funny I think

  26. Frances H

    Richard Ayoade would probably be too offended to play but at least he’d be funny in his refusal.

  27. iain maciver

    my wife she knows me better than anyone else

  28. Tony Metcalfe

    My sister probably, she’s always up for a good laugh.

  29. Mark Wall

    My wife, because she would guess mine easy.

  30. clair downham

    my husband as he would be good at this

  31. Ray Becker

    Oliver Reed if he was still here makes a good drinking buddy


    id love to play it with jack whitehall bet that would be hillarous!!! although id love to do it with the whole cast of league of their own

  33. Pauline Hill

    hubby has a good sense of humor so i think him

  34. Laura Nice

    My hubby, he thinks exactly the same as me.

  35. Jade Hewlett

    My mum as she’d be good at it

  36. Lauren Read

    my husband, we would be perfect!

  37. Yolanda Davis

    the whole family could play, but i’d team up with my daughter

  38. Rich Tyler

    My wife, esp if shes been drinking!

  39. sarah mcvicar

    Gino De campo, not only is he eye candy but funny too hehe x

  40. oldhouseintheshires

    Great review. #pocolo

  41. Lynette edmondson

    My Kids, they’re hilarious at games like this

  42. Gillyraven

    Awesomeness! In a box.

  43. Rebecca F

    My niece- she might be 8 but our minds work in the same way

  44. leanne weir

    My sister – she is ace

  45. Anthony Worth

    Hugh Dennis because he is the best improviser I know!

  46. Joanne Austin

    My sister, as we think alike!!

  47. Dean T

    My uncle Paul he is hilarious, loves to play games too

  48. Janet Matthews

    My son, he is just a mini me

  49. Linda Ford

    Paul O’Grady because he is my hero!

  50. Fiona

    My sister, we’re on the same wavelength!

  51. Stacey Carnell

    Can I choose David Shwimmer? 🙂 haha

  52. Margaret Gallagher

    My nephew he’s the greatest showman going!

  53. kelly L

    My son as hes pretty good at it!


    The mrs. She knows everything. Or so she tells me

  55. Adrienne McGroder

    My mum – shes really good at Charades!

  56. Zoe Payne

    my sister as he makes me laugh so much

  57. Gillian McClelland

    I would have Robin Williams as he was the best stand up comic

  58. Lynn Heath

    My son he is super funny!!!

  59. jules eley

    i would choose my eldest son

  60. June Etherington

    I would choose my son because he know me so well. We would be the winners.

  61. Amanda Baggott

    Alan Carr! I think he would be hilarious

  62. Rachel Butterworth

    My five year old nephew. He’s so smart.

  63. Jodie A Green

    The queen! i think she would be hilarious!

  64. Iris Tilley

    Lee Evans giggles all round

  65. cheryl hadfield

    my husband, he is such a funny character especially when put on the spot

  66. Ursula Hunt

    I would choose Peter Kay, He makes me laugh so even if I couldn’t get the answer I would have fun along the way

  67. Robyn Clarke

    My husband…..although, the first time he met my family we had a game similar to charades and he acted out missionary, it was hilarious!

  68. Robyn Clarke

    My husband…..although, the first time he met my family we had a game similar to charades and he acted out missionary, it was hilarious!

  69. hannah igoe

    My brother because I would laugh a lot!

  70. Sally Collingwood

    My son so we can giggle together!

  71. lynn neal

    I would choose my husband because he is very funny!

  72. Morgan Prince

    This game looks like fun!
    Thanks for linking to #pocolo

  73. Lyndsey Cooksey

    My husband because he is better than me!

  74. Natalie Gillham

    I’d choose my best friend

  75. Jo Carroll

    My other half…we can go days without speaking to each other and still understand exactly what the other is thinking – plus I’m always right in the end (the perfect charades combo?) 😉

  76. Joshi Moshi

    my brother – we often know what the other is thinking.


    What a funny game – id love it!

  78. Natalie Crossan

    My best friend -:)

  79. Charlie Brunton

    My ideal charades partner would be my big brother! We are so similar & we are always thinking the same so I think that we’d work well as a team!

  80. Jo Hutchinson

    Lee Evans would be great fun

  81. Sharon Lou Johnson

    i would choose my twins, why you ask…. because they always know when im going to kick off about the state off there bedroom!

  82. Vicki Weston

    My best mate, we would have such a laugh playing this

  83. christine taylor

    My Dad, cus he’s a sharades pro – he’s super good at that game x

  84. Charlotte Jones

    Has to be my husband – we always know what the other is thinking!

  85. min

    My daughter – she’s hilarious 😀

  86. EJ Dunn

    That would be my sister who is hilarious. You should see her Mrs Doubtfire and her Jurassic Park!

  87. Rebecca Howells (@PeanutHog)

    My fiance – he knows how I think!

  88. sheri Darby

    My sister because she is so funny

  89. Kellie McIntyre

    Keith Lemon!

  90. sandy ralph

    my daughter as she really gets into the swing of things and is game for a laugh all the time

  91. greig spencer

    my nephew- so much fun

  92. francis lee

    my choice would be my partner lucy as she is very good at being expressive and doing this type of thing

  93. Sarah Lee

    My husband

  94. Lisa Brignall

    This sounds hilarious. Christmas day entertainment sorted x

  95. Allan Fullarton

    My brother.

  96. amanda greensmith

    my hubby because he’s so funny when playing games x

  97. Karen Dixon

    My husband, we don’t need actions to know what each other is thinking we are linked psyically

  98. Kyomi Johnson

    My dad he’s naturally very funny and I know it would be such great fun

  99. nafisa

    my sister as we are great on a team

  100. Ellen Stafford

    Phillip Schofield because he is soooooo lush lol

  101. sarah fielding

    My boyfriend because hes my team mate!


    Freddie Flintoff, he is def a bluffer (snap)

  103. michelle speight

    my oh as he is brainier than me haha

  104. Fiona Johnstone

    My twin sister as we each know what the other is thinking

  105. sara owen

    Ny other half because that would be easy thanks for chance

  106. Jayne Kelsall

    My dad because he is always so funny 🙂

  107. Jessica Sawyer

    my bestie, we would have such a laugh playing

  108. Sam Parkes

    I would choose a comedian like Peter Kay as guaranteed lots of belly laughing

  109. laura stewart

    a nice one who would look after you

  110. Joanna Ford

    My sister as we make a great team

  111. Joanna Kasznicki

    my son as he would be so funny doing this

  112. katie w

    my hubby as hes so funny

  113. Kirsty Woods

    My husband, he is always up for a laugh

  114. Adrian Bold

    I would choose my sister as she is fantastic at charades and we’re on the same wave length usually!

  115. Sarah KNIGHTLEY

    I would choose David Walliams as he’s hilarious!

  116. Lia Burns

    I’d choose my grandad as he is really funny

  117. paula cheadle

    I would pick my step daughter as she is good at talking ing code

  118. Danielle Pooley

    I would choose my fiancé as his really funny!

  119. Eliza James

    My teenage son cos he’s a hermit and it’s be nice to spend some time with him lol

  120. jacqui rushton

    Seth McFarlane because he is hilarious!

  121. Lesley Bain

    My brother because he is a natural comedian. This looks like my family’s type of game. Anything that causes hilarity is a winner with us 🙂

  122. Lucy Robinson

    I would choose my daughter.

  123. sharon stanley

    It has to be my fiance and partner in crime. We would easilly win as a team as we have known each other since 11 so are pretty in tune with one another.

  124. joanne casey

    My best friend! We are definitely on the same level!

  125. Lorraine Stone

    The Queen, I hear that she is really good at games so she would be ideal!

  126. Rachael Sexey

    My son as he is hilarious at games

  127. Deborah Clarke

    Hmm would have to be Paul Hollywood as he would bring all the freshly baked goodies and he’s quite easy on the eye too lol. Fab giveaway would love to be your lucky winner

  128. Tammy Neal

    My partner he is hilarious xx

  129. jamie Millard

    Jim Carrey. There’d be nobody better to act it out and create hilarity

  130. Miss Tracy Hanson

    OK dreamtime but Dave Grohl from Foo Fighters, because I love the range of characters he’s played in their videos over the years.

  131. Sam

    My son would be hilarious 🙂 x

  132. abigail edkins

    Id pick peter kaye, Id have such a blast

  133. Linda Curtis

    my grandkids they love a good laugh and we love playing silly funny games together

  134. emma penko

    My old school friend Joanne because shes just hilarious!

  135. Julie Camm

    My daughter because she’s so competitive we’d be bound to win!

  136. Rachel Butler

    I’d choose Ellen DeGeneres…..she is hilarious! xo

  137. Tracey Suzie Anderson

    My Son because he’s so determined we couldn’t possibly lose! 🙂 x

  138. Sarah Parker

    bradley cooper

  139. Eileen Tingle

    I’d choose Julie Walters, she’d have everyone in stitches

  140. Aaron Midgley

    Love a good game especially at Christmas

  141. Laura Khomutova

    I would choose my sister

  142. Zoe Brown

    zak baggans

  143. Laura Avery

    My mum it always degenerates into her being a tad rude , as she ONLY ever drinks at christmas , shes silly!

  144. ElizM

    my 12 year old son, natural comedian!

  145. Leanne Nash

    My mum because she’s hilarious!

  146. Carol Cliffe

    I’d choose my hubby – he makes me laugh so much because I’m so useless at the game and he totally takes the mickey!

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