Giveaway: Win A Wordsearch Junior Game

Giveaway: Win A Wordsearch Junior Game

It’s time for another giveaway on Manchester Mummy and it is another awesome game from Drumond Park.

A revised version of the old classic Wordsearch game, Wordseach Junior is aimed at children aged 4 years and over, with the capacity for 1-4 players.

Wordsearch Junior Giveaway

The game is very easy to set up, with the main surface being made of 3 plastic pieces that easily fit together – instructions are included though! Children will have endless fun with this easy to understand game that is involves searching for words… with a slight competitive edge. Numerous development skills such as language and recognition skills will be enhanced by this game. For a thorough review hop on over to The Brick Castle to check out how they got on with the game!

Wordsearch Junior

So how do you play Wordsearch Junior?

After set up, simply select a puzzle playing disk and insert it onto the table-top ‘wheelbase’ and you are ready to play! There are nine double-sided puzzle disks included that have three different playing levels covering a wide range of topics that will be suitable for all:

Blue for finding picture patterns and sequencing – choose from cards illustrating Zoo, Pets, Fruit, Fairy Tales, Faces and Balls;

Red for finding words with picture hints – featuring Summer Holiday, Garden, House, Forest, Farm and Animals;

Green for finding words – choose from Transportation, Sports, School, My Body, Food and Clothing.

The aim of the game is to find the most words or pictures and cover them with your coloured marking chips.  At the end of the game, the player with the most chips of their colour on the board wins!

Wordsearch Junior has an RRP of £18.99 and is available at Amazon and toy retailers.

Wordsearch Junior from Drumond Park – Manchester Mummy

Giveaway ends at midnight on Sunday 9th April 2017.
One winning entry will be drawn at random by Gleam.
The winner will be notified within 48 hours of the giveaway ending.
The winner will receive a copy of Wordsearch Junior from Drumond Park.
Open to UK residents only.
The prize is non-refundable and no cash alternative will be offered.

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  1. iain maciver

    fabtastic giveaway

  2. joanna butler-savage

    the good wife – that was my idea of being a lawyer -the reality is somewhat different!

  3. Kim Neville

    Gabrielle Solis from Desperate Housewives as she had a very dishy gardener Jesse Metcalf 🙂

  4. Tracy Nixon

    Ruby in the Good Khama Hospital – my dream job!

  5. Harline

    Id love to be a cartoon character like bugs bunny eating carrots playing tricks and having fun

  6. Liam Bishop

    Homer Simpson – he has a good life really! Hmm donuts…

  7. Julie Henderson

    bella lasagne from fireman sam so i could make yummy food

  8. Steven S

    Lister from Red Dwarf, in control of a spaceship, any food from a machine and a human/cat as a best mate !.

  9. lucy higgins

    i would love to be marilyn in home and away as you get to live in Summer Bay!


    I would like to be super girl for obvious reasons 🙂

  11. Emily Knight

    I’d love to be Blair from Gossip Girl…just to see what the lifestyle of the rich and famous is actually all about!

  12. stuart hargreaves


  13. Andrea Fletcher

    Louisa from Doc Martin, teaching in such a lovely place would be my ideal job.

  14. Becky Yeomans

    Machone from the walking dead!

  15. Elizabeth Hinds

    I would be Lorelai Gilmore from Gilmore Girls, just because I would love her quick wit! 🙂

  16. laura banks

    temperance brennan in bones she is very brainy

  17. Jo Jones

    I’d like to be Minnie Mouse so I could stay in Disneyland

  18. Susan Smith

    I would like to be Mrs Marple, she is always in the know a very clever lady

  19. Christina Curtis

    Homer Simpson! He seems to have a great Family and a never ending supply of Donuts!

  20. Anthony Harrington

    Basil Fawlty, I can identify with his frustrations and would be happy to take control over Polly and Manuel….would be a little scared of Sybill though!

  21. abigail edkins

    miss marple…I love a good mystery

  22. jessica woods

    Mummy pig she seems to get everything right 🙂

  23. Emma Pascoe

    Monica from friends!

  24. Kelly Hirst

    Pheobe from Friends – I love her carefree hippy happy lifestyle

  25. Sarah Mackay

    I would love to be Norris from Coronation Street as love his personality

  26. Natalie Crossan

    Ross from Friends. I get a bit wound up like he does

  27. Solange

    Michonne from The Walking Dead because she can handle a katana like no one else.

  28. Yet Another Blogging Mummy

    Florence in Death in Paradise. Would be great living in the Caribbean

  29. Lyndsey

    rachel from friends because shes successful and beautiful

  30. Jo Carroll

    Carrie from ‘Homeland’…because I enjoy a good cry 😉

  31. Pauline Hill

    the family are looking forward to playing this

  32. amy bondoc

    gibbs from ncis! hes the boss!

  33. EJ Dunn

    Emily from Criminal Minds. Badass and intelligent!

  34. Angela Boucher

    I would be Rachel from friends as she has such awesome hair!

  35. Rachel

    I always wanted to be Bananaman when I was younger! How cool would it be to turn into a banana superhero?!

  36. leanne weir

    I would be saul from better call saul

  37. Sarah Lee

    Summer from the OC – I used to love that programe

  38. tammy Westrup

    Princess of some kind – so I could give up work!

  39. Fiona

    Dr Who! I’d love to time travel

  40. Sam Rhodes

    Norman Price from fireman sam so i can get away with just about everything!

  41. Gillian Mcclelland

    Alicia from the Good Wife she is a great lawyer

  42. sb

    lady mary from downton,because she’s rich

  43. Niki Clifton

    Mr Bean for the comedy value 🙂

  44. Tracy Newton

    Paige in Neighbours then I could live in the warmth of Australia

  45. Mel Turner

    Zilpha from Taboo

  46. Lorna Ledger

    Just for a day I would like to live with the Golden Girls! I think they are brilliant and very funny x

  47. Keith Hunt

    Scooby Doo as we have a house full of hounds and I may get a space on a chair.

  48. kim plant

    the brady bunch n be a normal family lol

  49. Amie

    Danerys Targaryan from game of thrones so I can see Jon snow!

  50. Joanna Kasznicki

    Detective Vera as I love solving mysteries

  51. Katy Malkin

    Phoebe from FRIENDS because why not?

  52. tina Glover

    I’d love to be scott or bailey in the TV show….Love the idea of solving crimes…Im actaully a civil engineer so completely nothing like but I do enjoy my job so cant complain 🙂 x

  53. Sarah Mcvicar

    Mrs brown he he

  54. Sally Collingwood

    Dot Cotton from Eastenders, if I looked half that good at her age I’d have no worries.

  55. Nicola Marshall

    Monica from friends, because she makes me laugh.

  56. Nicole Frances

    Rick from the walking dead- although it’s scary he has such good adventures and so many stories to tell!

  57. Emma Fox

    Buffy the Vampire Slayer – wish I was that young and nimble!!!

  58. Jenny Harlow

    Mcgyver because he always got a way out of every situation

  59. stephen holman

    i think luke cage from “luke cage” – being indestructible and super strong would be pretty cool!


    Jerry because I know Tom is really my best buddy, and I like cheese (tom and jerry)

  61. Jemma Dwyer

    elena gilbert from the vampire diaries she gets 2 hot guys fighting over her all the time lol x


    Anya the vengeance demon from Buffy the Vampire slayer, need I say anymore x

  63. Amanda Jayne Davis

    I would be Elena in Vampire dairies has I get to snog Ian Somerhaulder and get paid for doing the privilege has well BONUS!!!!!

  64. Katie

    Michelle keegan wish I looked liked her and had her lifestyle

  65. Jo Hutchinson

    I would love to be Wonder woman so i could help people.

  66. Rebecca Howells (@PeanutHog)

    One of the characters from Home and Away as the beach there looks amazing!

  67. Lisa Wilkinson

    Daenerys from Game Of Thrones so I can ride around on dragons

  68. Joanna Ford

    I would be Winnie the Pooh so I could eat endless amounts of honey!


    I would love to be Horrid Henry as i would love to be mean like him and play pranks on people too

  70. michelle speight

    delboy… life is=never dull haha

  71. Rich Tyler

    Joey from FRIENDS!

  72. Ursula Hunt

    I would like to be Sienna from Luther as she gets to kiss the gorgeous Idris Elba

  73. greig spencer

    superman so i could fly around the world

  74. martina deeley

    I want to be in hollyoaks because they are all so stylish…even if they do eventually die!

  75. Rachel Butterworth

    Michonne from The Walking Dead. She is such a badass with her katana sword.

  76. kellyanne mitchell

    dr fonseka in good karma hotel.watching it made me want to grab my passport and run off to looks stunning and so full of life.

  77. Cassandra Mayers

    The Detective from Lucifer, because Lucifer Loooovess her and I love him! haha

  78. Christopher Read

    Dino from the Flintstones so I could annoy Fred

  79. sharon stanley

    I would love to be Marge Simpson just so that I could whip homer into shape lol.

  80. Teresa sheldon

    I’d lie to be miss Marple, she seems to get everywhere go everywhere liked by everyone solves the murders and makes damson gin my kind of lady

  81. Julie Edwards

    Olivia Benson from Law and Order SVU. Because she is a toughie but helps so many people. I would like to have her strength!

  82. carol boffey

    dr who so i can time travel

  83. Nicola Perry

    Worzel Gummage so I can stand in a field and look at nature all day

  84. Sheri Darby

    Sherlock Holmes – He is so clever

  85. Beryl drake

    John Torode the chef , id love to cook those wonderful dishes

  86. Dale Dow

    Lorelai Gilmore from The Gilmore Girls she has such a positive view on things and proves to always show your inner child

  87. Alicia Fenton

    I’d love to be Rebecca from the originals as she such a strong independent woman. And she looks fantastic

  88. Kirsty Woods

    I would like to be Hicup from How to train your dragon, flying around on Toothless all day would be awesome

  89. paula cheadle

    I’d like to be super gran, because my kids and grandkins think that I am already that

  90. Elizabeth Gaskell

    I’d like to be Kayleigh Kitson, who is the girl in the front seat of Car Share with Peter Kay. It would be hilarious!

  91. Kelly cooper

    I would like to play Baby from dirty dancing because I would love to be able to dance like she does

  92. Jayne Kelsall

    I would love to be Spongebob so I could live underwater .x

  93. Noreen

    Cathy in Mrs Brown’s Boys, it would be such a giggle.

  94. Carly Belsey

    Dot Cotton as I am very nosey and she gets to hear everyone in the square’s gossip

  95. Sarah Parker

    wonder woman because I like her powers

  96. Allan Fullarton

    Ross from Friends.

  97. natalee gosiewski

    dont know there is no onei would wantto be

  98. Jamie C Millard

    Greg Wallace. Free, awesome food (most of the time). What’s not to like

  99. Gemma Newton

    Marge simpson ,i think being married to homer would be quite fun!

  100. Karl Borowy

    mr Bean because funny like me

  101. Hayley Todd

    I would love to be Rachel Green from Friends as she has an amazing life, surrounded by the best friends anyone could ever ask for, not to mention her fabulous hair and wonderful job!

  102. lauren porter

    Dr Brennan from Bones – a great job and very intelligent!

  103. Melissa potter

    My five year old boy would love this he’s always looking for new games to play

  104. philip underwood

    I’m sure who I’d like to be!

  105. philip underwood

    not sure*

  106. Rebecca Pawsey

    I would like to be Phineas out of Phineas and Ferb as he has great ideas and lots of fun.

  107. Sharon Burroughs

    Buffy the vampire slayer, she’s awesome!

  108. Becki Gates

    Rosalee from grimm, would be ace to a wesen (a good one) especially as she is friends with a grimm lol

  109. Shalene Hodder

    I’d like to be Miss Marple, she knows everything about everyone and can always solve a mystery. She also lives in a beautiful cottage in a lovely little village.

  110. Robyn Clarke

    Rachel from Friends. Friendly, happy and cheerful most of the time.

  111. Gill Mitchell

    I’d love to be Road Runner, he looks to have lots of fun running about and outwitting wilecoyote

  112. Emma

    Monica in friends. Everything worked out well for her.

  113. Gemma Cook

    Dr Who, I would love to be able to time travel.

  114. Lucie Reno

    This would be amazing x
    Good luck everyone x

  115. Jess Berkeley

    Sookie Stackhouse from true blood! Who wouldn’t want 3 hunky men after you!!

  116. Eliza james

    I’d be Bart Simpson cos he seems to get away with murder lol

  117. Kate Davies

    Penny from the Big Bang theory because she’s pretty, funny and has great friends.

  118. claire little

    pheobe from charmed she was awesome.

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