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Glue Dots: The Secret Trick for Organization and DIY

by MM
trick for organisation and DIY

trick for organisation and DIY

Glue Dots: The Secret Trick for Organization and DIY

The do-it-yourself (DIY) craze has been going strong for many years, touching everything from home renovation and organisation to creative ways of making everyday life easier. People keep finding new ways to use everyday household items for style, design, and more. An inexpensive, versatile thing that everyone should have on hand for their DIY and home organisation projects are glue dots and dispensers

These handy fasteners can be used permanently and in temporary applications, creating an easy way to stick just about anything, anywhere. 

What Are Glue Dots?

Glue dots are sticky glue patterns, which you can pressure-apply as a single dot or series of the adhesives to hold an item in place on a surface. Low-tack glue dots are removable and perfect for craft projects such as scrapbooking or organisational tasks like displaying business and credit cards in a more accessible format. High-tack dots are semi-permanent and can hold heavier items such as CDs in place, and super high-tack glue dots offer a more permanent solution for robust and secure bonding. 

Are Glue Dots Safe?

Yes! Glue dots are actually safer and less messy than regular craft glue and hot glue since they are a cold-application adhesive and there’s no risk of burns. They are cleaner and offer an instant bonding solution for temporary and even permanent needs. Glue dots are also available in a cartridge for quick and easy bulk application. 

Ways to Use Glue Dots

Glue dots are very versatile and are practical for many different uses around your home and office. The following are just a few ideas of ways to use glue dots since the options are only limited to your imagination!

  • Scrapbooking – Stick photos, decorative paper, decals, letters and more to your scrapbook pages with glue dots. Low-tack dots are best for this type of crafting since they are removable and come apart more easily. Glue dots don’t stain the page, and they don’t leave a sticky residue behind, unlike tape or putty. They are also lignin- and acid-free, photo safe and non-toxic. 
  • Scheduling – Keep your family organised by using glue dots to securely attach calendars, school notices, invitations and other events you need to keep track of to your home refrigerator or dry-erase board. Magnets and tape can slip or lose their stickiness, dropping a mess of paper to the floor and making a bigger mess of your calendar, but glue dots can keep things in place. 
  • Decorating – Use glue dots to hang posters or photos in a decorative display, stick your mini succulent collection to the wall in a cute pattern, or find a pretty wallpaper or tiles to create a feature wall that you can swap out with the seasons. The decorating opportunities are virtually endless. You can even use glue dots to hold a drop cloth in place when you’re repainting a room. 
  • Shopping and Paying Bills – No need to empty your wallet to find the right card to use when you’re shopping online or paying your bills. You can use glue dots to secure your cards in a folder so that they are all in one place and easy to read, with no more time wasted shuffling through your wallet or purse. Be sure to put your folder away in a safe place when you’re finished using it!
  • School Projects – As a cold-application adhesive, glue dots are great for kids to use for their school projects. They can mount phrases, charts and photos to poster board for a report or science fair display, or build popsicle stick structures and other classroom construction projects. 
  • Fix Clothes – Both low- and high-tack glue dots are excellent to use to fix your clothes. When the soles of your shoes start to detach from the shoe base, you can use high-tack glue dots to hold them in place until you can take them in for permanent repair. Women can use glue dots to close an awkward gap in a blouse or secure straps in place, and they are a perfect solution to holding a man’s tie in place on his dress shirt. These adhesive dots can also be used to transform an outfit into a costume with sequins and rhinestones – stick them onto a graduation cap to stand out at the ceremony!
  • Household Repairs – People often use glue dots to keep picture frames straight on the wall, but there are many other ways to use the sticky dots around the house. Re-attach trophy nameplates (or recycle old trophies with new nameplates) using the dots, or fix broken Christmas tree ornaments. 

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