Great Ideas For Items To Buy In The January Sales

What to Buy in the January Sales

Christmas is barely over by the time the sales begin, with some keen shoppers queuing from the small hours of Boxing Day morning to pick up the best bargains. Online shopping has made this bargain hunting even easier, and you can now get the pick of the sales without having to leave your living room or fight through crowds on the high street. With so many deals to be had all advertised through emails and on TV it is easy to get swept up in it all and buy anything and everything, even if you don’t really need it. It’s therefore a good idea to come up with a list in advance of the sales of what you really need, and what necessities are worth picking up this January.


Kids’ clothes

Kids’ clothes are VAT free all year, so they are not the most expensive items anyway. However, children grow far too fast and you will find yourself buying many new clothes throughout the course of the year. The January sales are a great opportunity to stock up on clothes for your little ones to grow into. Try to think ahead to the season the clothes are suitable for, and work out what size your children will likely be. Too big is better than too small so, if in doubt, size up. Things that are useful all year round are often found on the sale racks too, so have a look out for school uniform items like boy’s and girl’s school shoes from George, wellies, raincoats, underwear and nightwear. If you can get your children’s clothes for less, then it is wasteful to pay extra outside of the sale months.


It’s no secret that most furniture stores seem to have a sale on all year round. They do however save the best savings for the January sales, and this is when you will pick up the best bargains. Before January hits, have a look around and identify items you really want then wait and see what the new price is when the sales start. This will help prevent impulse buying, save you some money, and mean that you get something you love for your home. Appliances like washing machines and fridge freezers are also reduced in the sale season, so if yours is on the blink, try and wait for the reductions.

Christmas decorations and gifts

You might not be over the hangover from this Christmas, but there is no better time to start buying things for next Christmas than January. Christmas decorations will be cheap as chips and gifts will be reduced too, so you could make huge savings on next year just by planning ahead. Write lists of things you have seen whilst shopping this year that you know people would love, but were too expensive at full price, then snap them up in the sale so you can give something extra special next year.

It’s easy to go mad and buy lots of things in the sale just because they’re cheap. Think before you open your purse though. If you wouldn’t buy it if it wasn’t in the sale, then you don’t need it. Sale prices should be an added bonus, not the sole reason for the purchase.


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