Grow Your Own Vegetables

Celebrating National Allotment Week this between 1st and 10th August… here are a few ideas for vegetables you can grow easily in your own garden. Save money, be social and get out in the great outdoors, whilst eating amazing food made with your own produce!

How to grow Carrots:

Growing carrots is really quite simple and a great vegetable to start with if you are a novice gardener. Make sure you have a fresh pitch of ground, that the soil is turned over and has been watered. If you do not have space in your garden, fear not as you can easily grow carrots in large pots. Fresh peat contains lots of nutrients and it is always a good idea to fill your pot with this before planting the carrot seeds. Plant the carrot seeds in the ground or pot, water regularly and watch them grow. You will just see the green stork above ground as carrots grow underground.

Carrots can be grown all year round and if you find yourself wondering what to do with all your fresh produce, carrots freeze very well!


How to grow Potatoes:

A little trickier, although potatoes can be grown in the ground, it is much easier to use a Potato bag. Much like a large, hessian recycling bag, it has special holes in which you can feed the potatoes through. Be warned that the bags do take a lot of peat to fill. The bags great a great dark space for potatoes to grow and it can take a while, so be patient! Growing potatoes need to be watered frequently, but not to the point that they are flooded! Potatoes tend to be seasonal depending on the variety – main potatoes will be ready in June/July/August when planted end of March to the end of April. Wash, boil in a pan and cover with butter and you have the perfect accompaniment to any meal!


The list of vegetables you can grow is endless and most have special pots and bags (tomatoes) to help them grow if you are short on space. The difference between fresh from your own garden produce and produce from a supermarket is huge… give it a try yourself and you will not be disappointed with home grown!

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