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Has Lockdown Made You Want To Do It Yourself?

by MM

Well, here we all are again, in a national lockdown for the foreseeable future. It is not something any of us wanted, but let’s face it, it was not wholly unexpected.

Has Lockdown Made You Want To Do It Yourself?

With this being the third lockdown that we have found ourselves plunged into, many of us have decided to use the time wisely. Of course, lots of parents trying desperately to juggle homeschooling and child care with working from home, but others have used the time spent in previous lockdowns to learn new skills and try something new, perhaps having a go at a project that they have always wanted to try but due to work, have never had the time.

It is no surprise that amongst all the banana bread that we all learned to bake, plenty of people dipped their toes into the world of DIY. Even those who had never picked up a hammer or a drill before were enthusiastically throwing themselves into home projects – building sheds and outdoor playhouses, putting up shelves in the kitchen, redecorating the bedrooms. In short, DIY has enjoyed somewhat of a resurgence in popularity since COVID-19 reared it’s very ugly head.

Here, we look at some of the tips to help you start a lockdown do it yourself project of your very own.

Has Lockdown Made You Want To Do It Yourself?

Make your own coffee and tea station

Have you found yourself putting the kettle or coffee machine on a little more often to get you through the pain of helping your child understand fractions? Why not make a fun little coffee and tea station in an unused corner of your kitchen. It does not need much – a shelf or two to put a few of your favourite mugs out, somewhere to store your coffee, teabags and sugar and any syrups or toppings and enough space to actually make a drink. It will make those few moments of making a drink that little bit more enjoyable.

Sort out the garden

Ok, admittedly we are in the middle of the British weather and it is not usually conducive to outdoor DIY projects. However, if a few dry days are forecast, use the time to tidy up and sort out those niggling little things in the garden. Replace that very iffy fence panel, buy the materials you need from Fosroc to fix up that hole in your garden path. Even the smallest of jobs done now means that when the weather does improve, you can enjoy spending time in your garden.

Upcycling during lockdown

Upcycle an old piece of furniture

Upcycling has been a craze that has been around for many years now and shows no sign of slowing down. If you have an old piece of furniture – a wooden chair, a dressing table or bookshelf – which is looking a bit tired out outdated, get to work and sand it down, repaint it and look at other ways to add your own unique twist to it. Make it a talking point for whoever comes to visit your houseafter lockdowns and restrictions end, of course!

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