Homes For The Kids: What Makes A Family Home?

Homes For The Kids: What Makes A Family Home?

As most of us know, not all areas in the country are equal. As some experts claim, it’s “location, location, location”.

In short, some homes are more equipped to family life than others. Particularly if your family hasn’t yet started, but you are perhaps planning for that next step, this can be difficult to get your head around.

While everyone is going to be different, and ultimately have slightly different needs, there can be some so-called “standard rules” to tap into. Satisfying all of these can be tricky, and we really would suggest that you take as much time as possible, even if it means looking at Manchester storage facilities as an interim solution as you look for a permanent place to live.

Bearing this in mind, let’s now take a look at some of the key areas you need to look at as you search for your first home for the kids.

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Location, location, location

OK, so we might have already coined this phrase, but in reality it’s something that dictates the perfect family home.

Unsurprisingly, the neighbourhood is crucial, but this is something that might be out of your control. Put simply, the good neighbourhoods cost huge amounts of money and if you are choosing one based on the quality of local schools, your choices are going to be even pricier.

Something else that you shouldn’t forget is the proximity of the property to roads. Sure, most are situated near some sort of road, but try and ensure it’s not near a main road that gets busy. Not only is this going to be a massive nuisance from a noise pollution perspective, but it’s also something that is a clear safety concern. In other words, you don’t want the kids playing anywhere near said road.

The garden conundrum

There’s no debate to be had, if you can afford it, gardens are brilliant for those of you with families. It provides a space for kids to really unleash their energy in a safe environment.

Where’s the catch? Houses with decent gardens obviously cost more money. If you can afford it, by all means go for it. For those of you operating on a tight budget, it can sometimes be worth referring to the first point we made about the location.

For example, your prospective house in question might have a tiny garden, but it also has a large park almost on its doorstep. This can allow your kids to really prosper in the outdoors, but without that huge price tag that gardens tend to attract.

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Looking for potential

There’s every chance that some of you won’t know much about this next point. After all, while we head into a relationship with an ideal about how many kids we want, in reality plans quickly deviate.

However, buying homes with some form of potential can help your plight immensely. Sure, you might not be able to buy a 5-bedroom detached property, but buying a 3-bedroom one with the scope to extend the attic might be something on your agenda. This potential can be the thing which allows you to find your so-called “forever home” in accordance with your budget.

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