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How To Make The Most From Your Blog

by MM

Blogging these days is an absolute minefield, with so much information to take onboard, where do you start? It is so much more than simply writing these days, personally I would say typing words takes up 20% of your time, with 80% being taken up with details visitors would never even notice! There are so many reasons people start a blog, but a common factor that binds all is a love of writing!

Whether you started a site to make a small income or you write as a hobby, let’s have a look at how to make the most from your blog!

Top Tips To Make The Most From Your Blog

How To Make The Most From Your Blog

Research SEO

I only wish I had done this much sooner! After blogging for 10 years, a lot of my time is now spent updating old posts to make them more SEO friendly and fresh. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plays a huge role in encouraging traffic to your site, but most importantly, the right traffic. If you have a post in mind, research keywords beforehand to give you an idea of how to lay your post out and write an eye catching title! If you are looking to set up an e-commerce site, companies such as Victorious can help to handle your SEO properly!

Create A Brand

By that I don’t mean start a company straight away! It relates to ensuring you choose a URL for a site that is relatable to what you write about and feature, in essence, your niche. Ensure your social accounts share the same/similar name as your blog to make it easier for your channels to be found and flow together. If you are looking for help regarding your site and marketing, there are companies out there that can help get you started. Why not Visit Tekfirst, a Digital Marketing firm based in Harrogate for advice on how to stay on track.

Be Organised

Blogging certainly isn’t a 9-5 job and you will find yourself working all hours and weekends too. There is always something to do on your site, whether that is creating content or behind the scenes. You will spend a lot of time creating content, tweaking the site, engaging with other bloggers and encouraging the growth of readers to your site. There is no set way on ‘how to blog’, you will easily find your own rythm and adapt that overtime. The one key tip I learned years ago was to never step away from a post the moment it is published. Make you you promote your post immediately across your social channels and engage with comments.

Have Fun

That’s the main thing about blogging… have fun! It is your space to write about whatever you want and adapt how you wish, just thoroughly research what is involved before you start and keep up to date as you continue.






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