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How To Prepare For An Eco Friendly Christmas With Liverpool ONE

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Whilst many people may already have Christmas already organised, some may still be waiting to start their Christmas shopping. There has been a total change in trends recently and there is an added focus on just generally being more eco friendly. Not sure on where to start with this? Let’s have a look at some tips on how to prepare for an eco friendly Christmas

Eco Friendly Christmas Tips

Travel by public transport

how to prepare for an eco friendly christmas at Liverpool One


Travelling on public transport may fill some with dread, but buses these days are more eco friendly than ever before! With the option of using contactless payments so you no longer need to root around for change anymore, public transport has never been easier. Traffic is always expected at Christmas time, especially when visiting large shopping centres. Busy retail and leisure parks such as Liverpool ONE have a well organised transport system, whether you are travelling there by bus (even the National Express stops there!), or even by train. If you don’t want to get caught in long traffic queues and are looking to be kinder to the environment, check out the public transport timetables!

Buying eco friendly gifts

buying eco friendly christmas presents

Wondering what eco friendly gifts to buy this Christmas? Again, it is easier than you think! Know a coffee fan? Instead of buying them a coffee chain gift card, how about buying them a funky reusable coffee mug that they can use on the go? Buying smellies is a doddle – instead of being swayed by sparkly packaging, choose soaps and skincare products made from pure, organic essential oils. Items made from bamboo are becoming increasingly popular, with household goods such a toothbrushes making for funky gift ideas! Have a particular gift in mind? Check out the range of shops at Liverpool ONE to see how they have you covered for all your eco friendly gift buying this Christmas!

Eco friendly food

eco friendly food

Whilst you are shopping around for eco-friendly gifts, why not take advantage of everything Liverpool ONE has to offer. Not only is it a shoppers paradise, but the leisure aspect also features restaurants and a cinema to make it a wonderful day out for all. Continuing with your eco-friendly trip, why not have a refreshment break and tuck into some rather scrumptious vegan cuisine. You can check out the full range of Liverpool ONE restaurants here.

If you have yet to visit Liverpool, make sure you take some time out to experience Liverpool ONE! Situated in the heart of the city and with Christmas events such as Polar Adventure running until Christmas Eve, what better time of year to explore the vast retail and leisure complex! If you are still looking for inspiration, check out this handy eco-friendly Christmas with Liverpool ONE guide here!

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