How You Can Buy EuroMillions Lottery Tickets Online

It’s the big one tonight…

You could win £136 million in tonight’s EuroMillions lottery! It really only does take one line to win, although you may have to share it with other winners… but still… in my mind… I could actually win in!

I’m not entirely sure my thought process could compute all the possibilities available to me with £136 million burning a huge hole in my pocket. What would be the first thing you bought with the money, if you won? Having already thought about this scenario (many times), I would totally find myself on a private jet, flying off to Barbados, to spend time on a beach, sipping Strawberry Daiquiris whilst contemplating what to do next… it may take a month but that is no hardship when topping up a tan!


If you find you cannot pop out to physically purchase a ticket for tonight’s big EuroMillions draw, then have no fear – you can still purchase tickets online via the rather handy LottoLand who are still offering tickets at the cheaper rate of £2 per ticket. Tickets can be purchase in various countries… not just the UK!

Having been given £25 to spend on the site and basically have fun, I treated myself to 6 EuroMillions lottery tickets at £2 each and then spent the next half hour playing an instant game whilst gossiping with my mate over coffee. Every so often exclaiming that I had won 40p – I love taking a risk, but not so much when money is concerned, so my bets were very low, making the game last even longer.

Which, in theory goes to show that if I did actually win tonight’s huge prize, I wouldn’t go crazy and actually live in the champagne lifestyle for once. Although I may find myself looking into how much an evening meal with Jason Statham would cost… always worth a consideration!

For those who are playing tonight, good luck!

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