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Ideas For School Trips That Don’t Suck

by MM
school trips

school trips

When it comes to teaching, there is always one part of the year which you will either be looking forward to or simply dreading. School trips are an essential part of the education system because they allow kids to be outside learning about a subject first hand, and it also gives you as a teacher a good chance to bond with your class outside the classroom. Here are some school trip ideas which don’t suck and that we actually teach the kids something this year.


A farm can open up a whole world of teaching opportunity because you can visit a farm for several different reasons. You can be here for biology lessons and to learn about the eco system on a farm, or you can be here to learn about economics and the farming business. Farms can be great places to come because you get to learn about animals, plants, lichen and you will be able to let the kids see these animals up close and personal. It can be a fun day for all and it is a unique trip that they won’t forget.

A City Tour

How many years have you and your class lived in the city? Most likely all your lives… by how much do you know about the city and its history? For a cheaper option for a school trip, you can take the kids into the city centre for the day and have them take a walking tour guided by an expert. You will learn about the history of some of the famous buildings in the area, how your city became the way it is today and it can be truly fascinating for everyone involved. You can stop off at the food court on the way home and there you have it!

National Park

If you want to make sure that your children appreciate our planet and everything which lives on it, you can bring them to a national park for the day for a hike. There are a few different subjects you can teach here: science for the environment, geography which ox-bow lakes and mountains: and even art with landscapes and colour. You can really have a lovely day out with the kids here because they will be getting fresh air and exercise and you can get away from the dull air in the classroom.


For an educational and stunning trip out, you can look on the NST site to find a castle or historical building which you can go and visit with the class. Old buildings are eerie and magical and you can often see some of the original weapons, armour and furniture which could date back hundreds of years. For a truly awe inspiring trip you can visit a castle and tell the kids about the people who used to live here and what their lives would have been like at the time. Castles are amazing creations and they stand the test of time when everything else seems to crumble.

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