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La Tasca Manchester Trafford Centre – Spanish Cuisine

by MM

It has been many years since I ate at La Tasca Deansgate, so when invited to the newly refurbished La Tasca at the Trafford Centre in Manchester I jumped at the chance. We visited the restaurant in order to gauge how family friendly the restaurant is.

La Tasca Roasted Pepper Garlic Bread

The kids were kept entertained with puzzle books and crayons and the food did arrive quickly. Maybe it’s just me but I like to eat my food with my child, that control was taken out of my hands when the children’s’ food was brought along several minutes before the adults. Which then in turn meant the children had already finished whilst we were eating the adult main meal and thus had to share our food also!

La Tasca Trafford

The food was absolutely delicious so it is no wonder the children also wanted to share the adult food! As you can see from the images below everything was mouthwatering, fresh and cooked to perfection. I would have preferred more spice but I am used to hot food – I guess the chain has to cater to more innocent palates!

La Tasca Manchester 2

I was really impressed with the presentation of the children’s’ food. The wooden platter boards were very cute and everything was displayed neatly so that children can choose what to eat – there was even space for a little salad and tomato ketchup. For £5.95 they can choose 3 little tapas each, a drink and a dessert. A reasonable price however my child did have seconds of one particular tapas and the all the children still had space for some of the adult food AND our dessert – on top of their own!

The adult food was lovely and the menu very extensive – we had a really hard time attempting to choose what we wanted and settled on a table full of tapas. The fact we started with Roasted Pepper Garlic Bread had no bearings on the fact we also managed to finish our meal with a Lemon Sorbet and Churros Sharing Platter with Strawberries.

La Tasca Churros

As a whole it was a lovely experience, the restaurant is spacious, children are looked after and given reward cards so they can collect stamps to redeem for gifts upon future visits.

A complaint of ours was the fact that as soon as we sat down we were immediately asked if we wanted drinks for the children – we asked for blackcurrant juice (think Fruit Shoot) and were surprised to find a glass of cordial and three bottles of mineral water were given to the children. It was only AFTER this incident we were informed the children actually have a drink included with their meal… a Calypso! The drinks for the children alone cost the best part of £7 due to being rushed. Which when you have 3 children in tow, as an adult your concentration is on keeping the children happy as opposed to worrying about drinks. My suggestion… make families aware that drinks are included with the children’s meals!

All in all… would I go back? Absolutely, however I would either go back in an adult only party or I would have to order adult food to share with my child.

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redrosemummy August 19, 2013 - 10:40 pm

Love the look of the kid’s platter, that’s a fab idea but I don’t think it would be enough for Bud either.


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